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    Welcome to nPhoto, the home of the finest quality handmade albums!
    By creating an account, you will be able to purchase products and fully access our website. Please note that all potential customers are verified. Verification may take up to 48h. Please note that nPhoto’s aim is to work with studios and professional photographers only. Before activating your account, you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives.

    Why choose nPhoto?

    nPhoto is a proud manufacturer of the finest quality photo albums and photo products for professional photographers and photography studios. Being the biggest printing lab in Europe with more than 600 employees and over a decade of experience in the photographic industry allows us to provide unique solutions and offer competitive prices to our customers. We are devoted to support and inspire creative professionals with handcrafted heirlooms and state-of-the-art printing technology.

    How many images can I use in my product/sample?

    You can order as many pages as possible in a given product so there is no specific limit (samples included). However, our graphic designers, who design templates daily, recommend limiting the number of images per spread to about 3-4. This is for aesthetic reasons and achieving the best possible photo presentation results.

    Do you have a product catalogue and a swatch book?

    Yes, we do have a product catalogue and a swatch book and they are available for purchase. Simply, add these products to your cart when placing your first order with us. You will find them in the nShop, which is our online ordering system, in the Demo Products section. You can also download the online versions of both in the Customer Area in the Selling Tools tab.

    I’m trying to design my sample product, but the images seem blurry.

    Our designing software, Online Designer, works with thumbnails so please do not panic if your images appear blurry. If there is anything wrong with the quality of your file you will be notified by our system.

    I have a discount code for a sample. How can I use it?

    nly after adding a product to your cart, configuring it and designing a project, will you be able to apply a promo code to it - the appropriate area for a promo code will appear. To take advantage of a promo code include it in the appropriate area in the cart, and then click Apply. You will be notified if the promo code has been applied correctly. Prices will be reduced automatically.