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Product Care Instructions

Product Care Instructions

Usage / Viewing

  • Remember to always handle your products with clean hands as dirty or greasy hands will stain your products' interior and exterior. It is best to handle your products with the cotton glove provided.
  • Do not consume food on or near your products and keep them away from liquids which may result in water damage to your product.
  • Your photo product is not a coaster and should not be treated as one. Do not place hot or heavy items on it.
  • Handle your products on a flat, smooth, stable surface. This will protect your product from scratches. Do not view leatherette products on a glass surface.
  • Avoid stacking products as decorative elements such as Swarovski crystals may damage/scratch/dent other products.
  • Products stored and handled appropriately have increased longevity. 

Care / Cleaning

Textiles Leatherettes

  • Do not treat materials with acetone or other liquids. Delicately brush off any unwanted elements with a soft-haired brush or soft, dry sponge.
  • Use packing tape or clear tape to remove any elements stuck in the material's fibers.


  • Use a cotton cloth and a window cleaner with a 5% alcohol concentration at maximum, to clean Leatherettes. Remember to wipe the material dry.


  • Never use anything wet to clean product papers. Use a delicate, dry cloth (cotton or microfiber) to get rid of fingerprints on glossy papers. Remember that the surface of glossy papers can be easily scratched. 
  • To clean interior covers in ecru or white, use a clean eraser. This method is not recommended for black interior covers. 
  • Canon Deep Matte paper is very delicate. Take care not to damage this paper type as it is unable to be cleaned with any of the methods provided above.

Cut-out Windows with and without Acrylic Finish

  • Use a soft cloth (cotton or microfiber) with water or a window cleaner to wipe the surface of the cut-out window on Leatherette covers.
  • Use a soft cloth (cotton or microfiber) to wipe the surface of the cut-out window on Textile covers. Remember not to use water to clean cut-out windows on Textile covers.


  • Store your product in a room temperature environment (15-25°C/59-77°F) with a humidity level of around 40-50%.
  • Protect your product from UV rays, which can deform, decolor, and damage the cover of your product.
  • Do not expose your product to adverse weather conditions such as: sunlight, high humidity, or low temperatures. Store it in enclosed spaces.
  • It is best to store your products closed and in a layflat (but closed) position on a flat/smooth surface. 

Transporting / Carrying

  • Don't leave your product in vehicles, as extreme temperatures can damage it.
  • Always carefully protect the corners/edges and spine of your products to prevent creases, dents, and any other damage while transporting/carrying.
  • When bubble wrapping, make sure the bubbles are turned out as they may leave an imprint on the cover of your product.
  • Be sure to provide your product with a stable surface to rest while transporting/carrying.
  • Always transport and carry closed products.
  • Do not throw or drop your product as this may cause damage and in some cases may cause elements of the product to detach. 

If you notice a fault in your product that cannot be solved using any of the above mentioned methods please contact our Claims Department. Be sure to save product packaging in case of further claim procedures.