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Wall Decor Care Instructions

Transporting / Carrying

  • When transporting or carrying Wall Decor always secure them carefully, especially the edges/corners, frames, and acrylic/alu-dibond elements. 
  • To avoid damage such as dents, cracks, scratches, bending, of the product during transport, separate them with a delicate material such as a cotton or microfiber cloth and place them in a fitting cardboard box. 
  • When transporting your Wall Decor, be sure to provide them with a stable, secure surface. 
  • Never throw products. 
  • Do not place other objects on top of the product (especially heavy, hot or sharp objects). 
  • When transferring Wall Decor, never stack one product on top of another without properly separating them from each other using a soft sheet. 
  • Always move products with clean hands to avoid soiling/greasing the surface of the image (especially elements made of MDF).

Installing / Disassembling

  • Wall Decor is designed to hang on the walls of room temperature spaces. The pieces of art are suitable for hanging only on walls with a surface perpendicular to the ground. 
  • Never place pictures on diagonal walls (e.g. slanted walls) or on the ceiling. 
  • Hang Wall Decor products on one element, preferably on a nail/screw with a round head. The head diameter cannot be smaller than 6mm and larger than 10mm (the exception is the Framed Alu-dibond Metal Prints - here the head diameter cannot be larger than 8mm). 
  • To mount the image on the wall, place the nail/screw head in the hole on the back of your Wall Decor product and carefully lower the product. Always check the stability of the product suspension to minimise the risk of it falling. 
  • If you want Wall Decor products to adhere perfectly to the wall, make sure that the nail/screw head does not protrude less than 3-4cm and more than 6-7 mm from the wall surface. 
  • The supports placed on the back of the products are designed to support the weight of the images (remember not to put additional weight on the products). 
  • Wall Decor products due to their weight (approximately 350g to 4.5kg) should be mounted only on a stable, durable surface (wall). 
  • To disassemble the image, gently lift it vertically upwards and then move it away from the wall. 
  • When installing and removing images, always do it gently to avoid scratching, damaging, or discolouring the wall surface. 
  • Assembly elements such as nails, screws, etc. are not included with the Wall Decor products. 

Care / Cleaning

Avoid exposing Wall Decor products to direct, strong sunlight (UVA / UVB rays), and extreme temperatures. Pictures with acrylic elements should not be placed in rooms with high humidity, e.g. bathrooms. Do not hang images close to heat sources (e.g. above the stove) or in rooms where temperatures are extreme. To clean Wall Decor products, use only soft, delicate fabrics such as cotton or microfiber.


  • Alu-dibond products cannot be cleaned with substances that contain organic solvents. 
  • Never clean Aalu-dibond with alcohol, gasoline or acetone.
  • You can use a small amount of water and simple detergents to clean alu-dibond images. 
  • To avoid scratching the product's surface, wipe it with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. 
  • Be especially careful when cleaning the edge of the alu-dibond, do it gently to avoid injury. 
  • Do not use any liquid to clean the elements of the image that are made of paper eg. prints or passepartout frames


  • Products with acrylic plates can be cleaned with water, detergents and organic solvents. 
  • To avoid scratching the surface of the acrylic plate, use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe it.
  • Do not clean the side edge of the images excessively, as this may damage the print under the acrylic plate. 
  • Do not use any liquid to clean the side edges and any elements of the product that are made of paper eg. prints or passepartout frames. 
  • Be especially careful when cleaning the edges of the acrylic, do it gently to avoid injury.


The instructions provided will help to maintain the durability and aesthetic appearance of Wall Decor products for many years. If you notice a defect in the product, please contact Customer Service.