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Data Carriers usb box cd case nphoto personalised pendrives cases photographer
Data Carriers usb box cd case nphoto personalised pendrives cases professional photographer thumb drives
Data Carriers usb box cd case nphoto personalised pendrives cases professional photographer

Data Carriers

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We may be a printing lab but we understand it’s the 21st century and that digital options are here to stay. Sometimes, they can’t be ignored, and for that too, we have you covered.

We offer data carriers in a variety of forms and sizes ranging from CDs and DVDs to mini-sized USBs  3.0. Also, don’t leave your digital options bare; we can add an image to CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray covers as well as provide you with custom pen drives. 

Just because you offer up digital options doesn’t mean you can’t provide stylish, personalised quality. In fact, digital options such as Memory Boxes and custom thumb drives make the perfect complement to print purchases and can act as effective adds-on to large purchases.


Available Products

USB Memory Box

A mini SanDisk 3.0 USB that fits snuggly into a sleek, handcrafted box, available in 70+ materials.

Pendrive Box

Packaging containing a USB 3.0 Pendrive with 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity and is available in the Exclusive & Creative 100% collection. The Exclusive's USB drive matches its material to the outside cover, while the Creative matches its own to the interior. There is also a version of the package that includes a Pendrive and an Accordion Mini Book.

USB Case

USB stick fitted into the handmade case. Design the perfect presentation box from a wide selection of cover options. 


An aesthetically pleasing solid case for CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs. Different personalisation options available.

Printed Disc

Create your own CD/DVD label. Place images and texts and make your CD/DVD reflect your photography brand.

About Data Carriers

Digital data is here, and it’s not going anywhere. That doesn’t mean you always have to offer it, or that you have to only offer it, but it will likely forever be an option. Better to keep this area covered, then ignore it – or curse it – and watch as clients go spend money elsewhere. No different to our professional print products, at nPhoto we offer a variety of high-quality Data Carriers and digital options. You can be sure to find anything from our Memory Boxes – containing 3.0 USBs in GB sizes, to Blu-Ray covers. We even go old-fashioned and have customisable CDs and DVDs available. So, don’t keep your head in the sand, or stay under your photography-business rock and get yourself a valuable digital option, or two. After all, personalised pen drives make the perfect match for print product purchases; upsell items; and additions to big bundles.