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Non-standard orders

1. Non-standard orders - what are they?

A non-standard order is any order that is not available in our regular offer. A sample cannot be a non-standard order.

This includes any modification to a product, even if it seems to be insignificant (e.g. additional ribbon in an Album Box) or a completely new idea for a product (e.g. a heart-shaped canvas) are treated as non-standard orders.
Any custom (non-standard) inquiry has to be consulted and verified. Validation is required every single time a non-standard product requested is filed (even if previously the exact same non-standard order had been carried out).

2. When can I place a non-standard order? Time frames for placing non-standard orders.
Non-standard orders cannot be accepted all year long due to their complicated nature. In high season (November to January) we are focused on our standard offer and non-standard orders are unavailable at that time. We always inform you beforehand on our website about non-standard order availability.

3. How can I place a non-standard order? Who will answer my non-standard inquiries? Procedures.

Before placing a non-standard order, please contact our Customer Service (at first, to check the possibilities of making such an order. Even if a modification to a product at first glance seems to be simple and trivial it’s necessary to run our non-standard procedures, and that is because we make it dependent on many factors, for example on our production occupancy, availability of machines that we use, changes to our software, etc.

When contacting our Customer Service Team, please make sure to provide all important information, such as the full name of the product in question, specification (such as format, material, cut-out window, etc. – if applicable), a full description of the modification, quantity. In some cases, a picture illustrating a non-standard product would be much appreciated. Please remember to provide all the necessary details, otherwise, the reply may be delayed.

Our Customer Service Team in cooperation with our R&D team will then consult your non-standard inquiry with our Production Team and then CS will strive to return to you within 8 business days, with the availability, cost, necessary time span, and the course of action on how to place such orders. 

IMPORTANT: A non-standard product made once, may not be available for re-ordering, or conditions/circumstances (time span, cost) may be changed. 

There are no exceptions to these procedures.