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Our Ambassadors

Magdalena Sienicka
About Nphoto

nPhoto delivers fantastic quality and fast turn around. I can show and offer to my clients their images in most amazing ways, in albums, triplex and my favourite photo box. The quality and customer service exceeds my expectations every time. They are truly my partner in success.

Vlad Radion
About Nphoto

We only want our clients to have the very best, and I believe are able to make it happen with nPhoto. From amazing customer service to high-quality products, I am excited to be partners with this amazing company.

Les Davies
About Nphoto

I pride my self on offering high-end products to my Brides and nPhoto provides me with the high-quality albums that I seek to reflect my brand. After using nPhoto I feel like I know the team like my friends (this helps when I have made an error and I am contacted before my order hits production). This is why I know I’m with the right company. 

Katy Tainton
About Nphoto

I found out about nPhoto at the Photography Show in Birmingham and was absolutely blown away by the quality of their albums. I was looking for something modern and unique for my clients. I use the Acrylic Prestige line for my wedding and newborn clients and they really do love the albums.

Greg Moment
About Nphoto

As one of the trendiest wedding bookmakers available, nPhoto guarantees a kind of luxury for my clients, who are able to receive a great product after their weddings. I have checked many companies and products in my life and for me, it is no wonder that nPhoto offers one of the top wedding album services in the world. 

Martin Cheung
About Nphoto

What I love about nPhoto is their customer service. Questions are handled quickly and efficiently, plus delivery times are fast, even during peak wedding season. Their photo books and albums are excellent quality and my customers love them. Every item has arrived 100% as expected and I’d highly recommend them. 

Wedding Photographer

I received my first Photo product and I LOVE it. Everything about the service is truly wonderful and am happy to say I will firmly be sticking with you as my new supplier. The product range/prices are perfect for my clients. I am overly impressed with the quality and the attention to detail. I am also super happy with your ability to look after us photographers understanding that sample albums are needed and the discounts you offer are truly appreciated. The email service is also truly fantastic I feel completely supported in my journey. 

I am looking forward to filling my studio with as many samples as I can get my hands on.

Thanks again for all your help. 

Children's Photographer

'Why do you need sample albums in your studio?' This question often comes from my students attending workshops I organise. And the answer is obvious. Our customers are people, whether pregnant, new moms or proud fathers. People who can feel, see and hear. And people use senses to decide whether they want to buy a product or not.

We can tell our customers a lot about how great the products are, but if they can not see and touch, it's hard to imagine what the real product might look like. We can show many pictures on iPad, but they can feel and see the quality only when the product is in their hands. And for these three reasons, we need sample albums in the studio, so that our customers can fall in love with our work and products we offer and make a decision to buy them.

Newborn Photographer

As soon as clients enter my studio they see various sample albums and photo products I order from nPhoto, and they immediately are curious about them. During the newborn shoot, they have time to look at the products and hold them in their hands. Since I have the albums in my studio I sell almost 80% of my favorite package that includes an album -  whether via IPS or the gallery, both are well received. This album is an heirloom that customers can touch and share with others and not store these photos on a hard drive. Customers just love it and my sales grow. 

Newborn Photographer

With my sample albums, I send my clients on a fantasy journey. When they hold an album in their hands they immediately imagine filling it with their own pictures and stories. These emotions and the feeling of holding in your hands a high quality and product that can belong to you can only be created when you have a physical sample album. To emphasize the quality and importance of the albums, I like to mention that this product survives the years, and later can be passed on as an heirloom to the children - a timeless and beautiful memory.

Family & Senior Photographer

I first found nPhoto at ImagingUSA. I had been on the search for a product that not only complimented my work but also stunned my clients. I was amazed when the Acrylic Prestige album showed up at my door, and I was quite surprised that the turnaround time was a mere 8 days from the day I ordered it. My jaw dropped, I was stunned by its beauty. It was something that I had to share with my clients so they could be just as happy as I was. I immediately started telling the world about them.

I have many beautiful professional products that I offer my clients but let me tell you, the quality, fit, and finish of nPhoto’s products are on another level. The albums that nPhoto has to offer can be cherished for years to come with memorable moments in them for my clients. They are much happier with this as an option for them. 

The entire experience that I have shared with nPhoto was pleasant, memorable, and the customer service is amazing. I am so happy to be a part of nPhoto and what they are doing to changing the photography industry.