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Sometimes a gift is only as good as the box, or package, it comes in. It may seem like a small detail, but don’t cut corners on your packaging and presentation of your high-quality print products. Hand over ready products to your clients in a sturdy made-to-fit Gift Bag. The neutral white colour is sure to match any and all coloured products and the delicate UV printed design on the bags gives them an exclusive look and feel.

A ready-made, sturdy gift bag which will hold even the largest photo album. With various sizes available, you will find one to fit any nPhoto product in your offer.


Available Products

Album Box

Handcrafted luxury Box for Photo Albums, Photo Books Pro or DreamBooks 4k. Available to order with a USB slot (optional). 70+ materials either in textile or leatherette finish. Different sizes available. 

Box for prints

Perfect presentation product for your loose prints. Handcrafted box available in 70+ materials or with a printed cover. Pick an optional USB slot if you offer digital files. 

Wooden Box

A solid wooden box designed for our Photo Albums only. Available in four different colours and three sizes. 


Always performed individually for a specific Photo Album, Photo Book Pro or DreamBook 4k. Usually formed from the same material as the core product cover. 

Eco Gift Box

Eco-friendly boxes for many mainstay nPhoto products - made from recycled paper and coffee grounds left over during coffee production! Available in several formats depending on the intended product. Transparent, white parchment paper is added to each product's packaging.

Gift Bag

Don’t know how to deliver your Photo Albums or other printed products to your customers? We have you covered with our presentation bags available in three sizes. 

About Packaging

Packing is like the clothes of your work. Just as you wouldn’t smother a beautiful person under ugly clothes, you shouldn’t subject your beautiful artwork and print product(s) to sub-par packaging. Make sure you have beautiful, durable, and functional packaging. Those are three core factors we have in mind when we approach packaging; the ‘Big Three’ as we consider it. From Album Boxes to Slip Cases; Box for Prints to Wooden Cases, and our Classic Box in between, our Packaging is sure to accentuate the beauty of your print product and the picture(s) upon them. More importantly it will last as long as the print product itself and ensure the pristine beauty of your images.