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Photo Books

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Astound your clients with outstanding quality and easily tailor your offer to your clients' needs with our range of professional Photo Books for photographers. Choose a premium quality, lay-flat DreamBook 4K, superb Photo Book Pro, or the more cost-effective Photo Book Basic. 

Our Photo Books come available in a plethora of sizes and collections meaning they can be fully personalized for each client without any stress. They differ greatly from our Photo Albums as their pages are not flush mounted and, therefore, retain their flexibility. Also, our Photo Books are determined per page as opposed to per spread (2 pages) like our Photo Albums. 


Available Products

DreamBook 4K

From 20 up to 120 unmounted double-sided pages that lay flat. Printed exclusively on genuine Canon paper with one of the few Canon DreamLabo 5000’s available in the world.

Photo Book PRO

It can contain from 20 up to 120 double-sided flexible pages. Non-lay-flat binding. Printed on the HP Indigo 12000 using the ultra-modern seven dye ElectroInk technology.

Photo Book Basic

It is printed with the HP Indigo and made to fit from 28 to 160 pages. Non-lay-flat binding. Printed cover designed 100% by you, either with gloss or matte laminate.  

Grand Gallery Photo Book

Extra large portfolio book printed on HP Indigo 12000. Its huge format will draw attention to your images and accentuate your unique shots. 

Softcover Photo Book

A soft cover photo book with an artistic touch, consisting of a raw, craft cover and a natural interior. Available in two colour options - lightly rusted brown and steel grey. Contains between 28 and 120 pages in two available paper types: Mohawk Eggshell and Arctic Matte.

About Photo Books

Often when a client sees a Photo Book - or any other photo product, in a photographer’s studio it’s their first time experiencing a professional product. Mistakenly, clients will think all products are like those at discount mega-stores. Show them high-quality Photo Books and other professional products to reveal the difference for them. You sell what you show and with nPhoto you can be sure you get professional Photo Books that are meant to impress. No matter what choice you make our Photo Books can be personalised to your liking.

Choose from our high-end, lay flat DreamBook 4Ks printed on your choice of genuine Lustre, Gloss, or Satin paper with one of the few Canon DreamLabo 5000 printers available in the world; premium Photo Book Pros printed on the HP Indigo 12000 with a selection of fine-art papers, or go for a cost-effective Photo Book Basic

If you want to impress your customers as a professional photographer you may consider buying a Grand Gallery Photo Book. Its enlarged format will draw attention to your images and accentuate your unique shots.