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Photo Calendars

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Photo Calendars are a must for every professional photographer. Simply, photo calendars are that photo product that every family is looking for and are that perfect personalised gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Years, and more.

With our photo calendars, designing has never been easier. Simply utilize our online Photo Calendar designing tool and get a great upsell product and photo calendar for your clients done in minutes.

We offer three different options for Photo Calendars: Photo Calendar Basic, Photo Calendar HD and Photo Calendar PRO B2. 


Photo Calendars

Photo Calendar Pro B2

12-month flip calendar with a photo cover. Go big with this large size and give your photos a stronger visual impact. Available in 2 formats.

Photo Calendar HD

‘One-paged calendar’ that offers a large, fixed print in high-definition and a calendar set adhered to the bottom of the image. Available in one format.

Photo Calendar Basic

In this calendar, you can secure 13 images from your photo session, one for each month and a cover photo. Available in 3 formats.

About Photo Calendars

With nPhoto as your supplier, you can sell Photo Calendars all year long. Our products: Photo Calendar Basic and Photo Calendar PRO give you the option of starting with any chosen month. We have 3 various professional photo calendars available in our offer giving you choice among more budget-friendly products - perfect for your bulk orders, to high-end, sophisticated products not available at any other printing lab (or discount store). Add them to your offer for an additional revenue stream and start promoting your photography studio today.