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Creating a Vector (Custom Logo)

Inkscape Tutorial (converting to a vector file)

Your Laser Etch, UV Print or Stamp can be made only using a vector file. Raster graphics - .jpg, .tiff and other raster graphic formats cannot be used to make your Laser Etch, UV Print, or Stamp.

How do I convert my .jpg or other raster (bitmap) image to a vector file?

You can do so in Illustrator or Corel or any other vector graphics editor like Inkscape. Inkscape is a free vector graphics editor.
We've prepared a short tutorial for you on how to use this program.

Creating a vector logo (0:01)
To create a vector logo to personalise your product, you will first need to select the product you'll be applying it on.
To add a product to your cart visit the product's page or go to Customer Area - nShop. Customise your product and most importantly select SELF-MADE PATTERN.

DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT TEMPLATE from the nShop or the cart and unpack the .zip file.

Open INKSCAPE and open the downloaded cover template in the program. Import your self-made pattern saved as a jpg. 
Select the jpg and change it to a vector file. Go to PATH - TRACE BITMAP. 
Here, we take a look at the BRIGHTNESS CUTOFF. Update the brightness threshold until the whole design is visible. Once you are satisfied with the preview, select "OK".
The converted logo will appear on the screen. Delete the jpg file.

Changing the logo size (3:15)
Select the vector logo and go to the top menu and select "inches", remember to LOCK the proportions to keep the ratio. Fit the self-made pattern on the template. 
(OPTIONAL STEP) If you would like to place your self-made pattern an approximate distance from the edge, for example, 1" from the right and bottom edge, take advantage of the guidelines. Before you do this, check the size of your work area. Go to FILE - DOCUMENT PROPERTIES and change the unit to inches. Copy the width. Exit and drag a guideline from the left. Double-click on the guideline, change the unit into inches, and paste the parameter next to X remembering to subtract one inch from the value - this will place your guideline exactly one inch from the edge of the template. Repeat for height. Guidelines will not be visible on the final product.

Adding additional text/inscription (5:00)
If you decide to add any additional text/inscription to your self-made pattern in Inkscape, take advantage of the CREATE AND EDIT TEXT OBJECTS. Remember that these additional elements need to be converted into vectors as well.
To check if the elements on the template are vectors go to VIEW and turn on DISPLAY MODE/OUTLINES. Vectors will appear with an outline. To change text into a vector go to PATH and select OBJECT TO PATH. 
Now when you select EDIT PATHS BY NODES, and hovering your mouse over the self-made pattern you will see a red border, this means that the elements are both vectors. You can always confirm this by selecting DISPLAY MODE/OUTLINES in the VIEW menu.

Finally, save your vector as a PDF and just to be safe, select "Convert text to paths".