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Wall Decor products for professional photographers
Wall Decor perfect for any photography type nPhoto handcrafted products for professionals
Wall decor Framed Print Acrylic Print Dibond Metal Print MDF Wood Mounted Print Newborn Photography nPhoto professional photo products
Wall decor Framed Print Acrylic Print Dibond Metal Print MDF Wood Mounted Print Pet Photography nPhoto professional photo products

Wall Decor

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Do not disservice yourself as a professional photographer and leave wall decor – or wall art – out of your studio selection. Clients love these photo products for the convenience they offer of always being visible, and the option they have to ‘go big’.

Whether they are showcasing beautiful portraits of their family, pets, a wedding photo, or something altogether different products like high-quality, Framed Prints, Professional Canvas Prints, Foam Mounted Prints, Alu-dibond Metal Prints, high-quality Acrylic Prints, and MDF Wood Mounted Prints are the new photo product mainstay for professional studios.


Metal Prints

Alu-dibond Metal Print

Metal prints with the image directly printed onto horizontally brushed aluminum. A glossy metal-like sheen and impressive print. Assembled with wall mounts and ready to hang out of the box. 8 sizes available.

Framed Alu-dibond Metal Print

Our Framed Alu-dibond Metal Prints in a black, aluminum frame to add an extra touch of character to this modern must-have. Available in 8 sizes.

Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Print

Available in 8 sizes. Our high-strength, low-weight Alu-dibond Metal Prints mounted and stacked onto an oversized MDF backboard; leaving a floating and framed visual effect.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic Print

A high-end, pigment ink, professional print lies beneath a sensational glass-like acrylic face. Talk about a WOW effect. Available in 8 sizes and ready to hang on fitted MDF mounts.

Stacked Acrylic Print

Our high-demand Acrylic Print mounted and stacked onto an oversized MDF backboard to give a raised look and an optical frame. Available in 8 size options.

Framed Prints

Framed Print

The classic Framed Print. No way around it. High-quality professional prints on your choice of Canon or Mohawk paper; framed in a light, eco-friendly frame of either black, white, or oak colour.

Mounted Prints

MDF Wood Mounted Print

High-quality pigment inks printed onto professional photo paper then mounted to MDF board. Our MDF Mounted Print is a high-end, yet versatile wall décor piece. Available in 8 sizes.

Foam Mounted Print

Large Format Print Pro mounted on 5mm thick rigid foam. This lightweight material improves image stability and prevents warping. Ready to hang on the wall, different sizes available. 



A gallery wrapped stretched canvas has the picture flowing around the frame sides. It’s ready to hang on the wall. Mounted on a solid wooden frame and available in different sizes.

About Wall Decor

If albums are photography’s traditional print indispensable, then wall décor is the modern, 21st-century version. 

Combine the available wall decor options – Acrylic Prints, Canvases, Framed Prints, Alu-dibond Metal Prints, Stacked Prints, Foam Mounted Prints, or MDF Wood Mounted Prints in smaller and larger sizes – with Photo Albums, Photo Books, or other more traditional print options and create irresistible photo product packages for your clients – regardless of what type of photography you do.

Let your clients cherish their special memories on a daily basis by helping them arrange their very own gallery at home! Turn their favourite photos any of the wall decor pieces shown above. At nPhoto we’d be happy to be your wall decor printing lab and offer a wide range of attractive wall art photo products for you and your professional studio.