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Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

Preview and Download the virtual version of the Product Catalogue to have on hand on your phone, tablet, or PC. You will find it easy to migrate through the Catalogue with our Table of Contents and numbered pages. Familiarise yourself with the available product collections and product types. Inspire yourself with the beautiful full-page images of each product in our offer and read all about the available paper types to select the best base for artwork and the best products for your package.

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Swatch Book

Online Swatch Book

Download the virtual unbranded Full Swatch Book or the shortened version with materials only, to have on hand on your mobile or PC. You will find it easy to migrate through the Online Swatch Book with our Table of Contents and numbered pages. Discover the different material types and see the available varieties of Textiles, Duo Textiles, Velvets, Suedes, and Leatherettes. Find out what personalisation options you can apply to certain materials and see what they look like with the previews shown. Read about the different colour palettes and learn about the personalisation options. The Online Swatch Book was created with you in mind, as a tool to facilitate your work. nJoy! 

Please note that the up to date available cover personalisation options are visible in the nShop. The personalisation options in the Online Swatch Book are for preview purposes. It may occur that a certain personalisation option is temporarily unavailable, we apologise for any inconvenience. 

Materials available while supplies last labeled here:




The tangible unbranded Swatch Book is a must-have to have on hand. See and feel the different material types for yourself. From Textiles and Leatherettes to Duo and Velvet & Suede. The Swatch Book is divided into colour coordinated booklets and each material has it’s own unique name. Remember to add a tangible Swatch Book to your order before checkout.


Paper Types

Paper Types

High quality, super close up images of our paper types, a short and sweet description of all of them as well as a list of products that they are available in. All in a handy PDF that you can have on hand on your phone or PC.