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NEW: Velvet & Suede Textiles - Refresh your Samples

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - 12:28
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NEW: Velvet and Suede Textiles

They need no introduction, our suede and velvet textiles are the latest lavish stars to join our cover material family.

Yes, that’s right, you are now able to order suede and velvet textiles as a part of our Exclusive and Acrylic Prestige Collections.

Choose among 13 colour options across the material range to get the perfect match for your clients.

Also, be sure to take advantage of these beautiful materials for your next sample. Get your hands on some stylish velvet or suede products

The Scoop on Velvet and Suede Textiles

Suede and velvet textiles are renowned for their luxurious aura. In fact, velvet, thanks to its exclusivity and fine, soft feel, is a textile that has historically been reserved for nobility and royalty. Now, with this addition, you are able to grace your clients with the epitome of elegance with our velvet range.

Our suede textiles, meanwhile, offer the best of both worlds retaining the chicness of suede leather but having the durability of more conventional textiles. Our suedes are the perfect choice for those products that need the 5-star appeal, but also the five-star durability. In this way, matched with our Folio Boxes and Complete Sets, and Triplexes they make the ideal family-friendly, family heirloom.

What Colors are Available for the New Textiles?

Our velvet and suede textile arsenal have a fantastic colour range with anything from Deep Sea Blue (velvet) to Dijon Yellow (Velvet); Elephant Grey (Suede) to Fandango Pink (Suede) and many more in between. Consult the image below for the full range of colour options for our velvet and suede textiles. The material the colour is available in is labelled beneath the swatch.

Where can I Find the New Textiles?

Our new textiles can be found as part of our Acrylic Prestige and Exclusive collection (plain cover and cut-out windows with the acrylic finish only). Then, they are featured in our Complete Sets, Photo Albums, DreamBook 4Ks, Photo Books Pro, Folio Boxes, Box for Prints (Exclusive Collection), USB Memory Boxes, and Triplexes.

Because these textiles look more luxurious than most other options, they’ll fit perfectly with any photo product we offer them in. Then, personalise them further by utilizing our Laser Etch technology to insert your logo or client's names or other details on the front cover.No matter the occasion, or product they adorn, our velvet and suede textiles will be sure to leave a smile on your client’s face and have them craving more.

Disclaimer: due to the material properties it might be impossible to laser etch logo with very thin lines. We reserve the right to contact you regarding orders with such self-made patterns.

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