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7 Products for an amazing Holy Communion Offer

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 - 09:31
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Meet our best suggestions for the Holy Communion season!

While getting ready for your upcoming bookings, have you checked to see if your offer is in tip-top shape? Perhaps you’re still considering an upgrade, something to ensure that every client leaves your meeting with nothing but praise and satisfaction. To help you finalise your offer, we’ve come up with a few inspirations that are sure to get those creative juices flowing & create an attractive product set!

You can, of course, feature every product that’s currently a part of our Holy Communion offer, but you can also prepare a well-thought-out offer tailored to your skill set, which will eliminate a lot of the uncertainty your clients will face when presented with an overwhelming number of options.

Aim for variety!

Build your offer around sets. Present them as an all-in-one kit that can be mixed and matched in accordance with your clients’ needs. Don’t be afraid to have various packages at different price points, as this will allow you to be more elastic with your offer, should your client have a limited budget. Don’t forget about the smaller, more value-friendly options, as they can both serve as a standalone piece in cheaper sets and as an add-on in your standard sets.

Remember, everyone has different needs - especially so when it comes to Holy Communions, where some would gladly opt for a luxurious print offer and some others may only request a more symbolic option. A part of your role as a photographer includes satisfying both of these groups.


Thousands of orders and years of industry knowledge have shown us that some products will always lead in Holy Communion photography. Here are the top sellers.

The Lite Album - A definitive leader in our Holy Communion offer. It lays flat, allowing for detailed coverage of the event. It also features a variety of Communion-themed designs on its laminated cover finish, some of which come gilded. If your clients ask for an elegant, albeit inexpensive option, the Lite Album is a must. Especially now that we’ve recently introduced material covers for Lite Albums, allowing you to select the beautiful V14 white velvet which pairs extremely well with this type of photography. This comes with the usual set of personalisation options, such as custom designs made with laser etching.

We also can’t forget to mention the Lite Album’s recent expansion in size options, as the 25x25cm/10x10” & 30x30cm/12x12” versions of the album will make a perfect fit for the more luxurious packages in your offer.

Why choose a Lite Album?

  • The size options; 20x20cm/8x8”, 25x25cm/10x10”, 30x30cm/12x12”.
  • An attractive price point.
  • Cover designs specifically tailored to Holy Communions.
  • Gilding.
  • Cover finishes appropriate for Holy Communion photography; laminate wrapping, leatherette, textile & velvet.


Our bite-sized books that clients always fall in love with, thanks to their magnetically-sealed, soft, velvet covers. The smallest Accordion comes to just 8x8cm/3x3”, but you may also include the option of upgrading to a 12x12cm/5x5” or 10x14cm/4x5,5” size option in your package. It offers 6-18 pages made from the same papers we use in our larger products, depending on the size selected.

The fitting V14 velvet that we’ve mentioned earlier is also an option here, allowing you to create an outstanding pair of matching print products.

Why choose an Accordion Mini Book?

  • A trendy & practical design that comes in 3 sizes.
  • Personalisation options galore.
  • A (very) reasonable price point.
  • Many velvet material colours to choose from.


Two products may not be enough for some that still enjoy the matching style of the previous kit - which is where the Triplex comes in. The Triplex consists of three highly presentable photos with the same premium material cover as the others. It can be used as a decoration when opened & left standing. Offer your clients a Communion-styled Triplex; one sized at 20x20cm/8x8” or 15x23cm/6x9” with a white velvet cover. It’ll complete the trio of fan-favourite options at a value-friendly price point.

Why choose a Triplex?

  • A modern look.
  • Many sizes & materials to choose from.
  • The print finish options; matted, board mounted or acrylic.
  • Room for texts & custom designs on the cover.
  • Can be used as an inexpensive add-on.

Hint: Other smaller kits can be made with this combination of products - try matching a Triplex with a Lite Album, or a Triplex with an Accordion Mini!


Parents will often have difficulties choosing just one product when presented with so many options, some which may only address a specific portion of their needs. They need an all-in-one product. They need a Complete Set.

Show them the star of our Holy Communion offer, the Complete Photo Album Set. Built to last for generations, our complete sets always impress. They feature more than enough room to fit any number of photos from your shoot, allowing you to cover the entire event from within one product. This set in particular will include our main Photo Album, fitted into a matching box, with an optional USB stick on the side. Throw in an Accordion Mini or a Lite Album for the grandparents, and you have a package that covers just about every need. Our Holy Communion offer lets you order a White Lady version of the Complete Set, which perfectly matches the event’s aesthetics.


You’ll usually find a decent number of interested clients during parent meetings, upon sending your offer to a local school, or sometimes during the odd private IPS meeting. It’s important to get this done early into the year so that you’ll have a few bookings lined up by the time May comes around. Since there’s still plenty of time left, find two value-friendly products in your offer that could serve as first Holy Communion invitation cards or thank-you cards, for the priest, the teacher or the godparents.

Luxury Greeting Cards & Duo Lites are perfect for this purpose. The former works great when used as an elegant invitation card; it can fold in half and is made using the sturdy Fuji Silk paper. It allows for other uses too, such as acting as a voucher card or your personal thank-you card to those who signed up for your photo session.

The latter is essentially a mini-album consisting of a single spread. Include it as a small gift to be handed as a thank-you present. It won’t take up a lot of your time, and even less so thanks to our pre-made Holy Communion templates.

Why choose a Luxury Greeting Card or Duo Lite?

  • Small products with just enough space for a few photos.
  • Easy to design.
  • Minimal costs.
  • Various practical uses.

One last thing - once your order is ready, it would add to the overall delivery experience if it were appropriately packaged. Our Eco Gift Boxes can make that happen, and they’re available for almost every product that we’ve mentioned above. That final touch will make all the difference, for when you intend to leave a lasting impression on your client.

We hope that these inspirations will be of help when preparing for your next First Holy Communion season! Be sure to check out our Holy Communion offer for 2024 & 2025 below.

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