How we label sample products

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 11:53
sample wall decor nPhoto

About to order a sample product and wondering about the sample label?

We can assure you that at nPhoto the sample labels are very subtle, but they are there. Sample products are nPhoto's standard high-quality products, the only difference is they are labeled as a sample and are not meant to be resold.

A sample's purpose is to present to your clients the type of quality product they will receive from you.  They will also do great on display in your studio. We know photographers need more than one sample product that is why nPhoto happily invests in you, the photographer, by offering multiple yearly samples at a discounted rate.

Take a look at the sample labels below. Select an image to zoom in.



Sample Photo Albums, Photo Books Pro, DreamBooks 4K, Lite Albums

All of these products are labeled as samples discretely. Photo Albums have "Studio Sample not for Resale" etched onto the inside back cover (see first image below) as well as a watermark on the last page of the album (second image below). Photo Books Pro, DreamBooks 4K and Lite Albums have just the watermark on the last page (second image below).


Sample Wall Decor

We bet you're wondering how large the Wall Decor sample label is. Good news is that the bigger the product the smaller the sample mark! Wall Decor products are labeled on the front, starting from the front right corner going up vertically with the text "Studio Sample". Have a look at the size to label comparison, as well as a real-life. 12x12" Acrylic Print for reference below. The sample label is the same on all Wall Decor products.


Sample Triplex

Triplexes are labeled as samples on the last (third) card. The sample label is similar to those in the Wall Decor products, same position, one size, and very subtle. See image below for reference.

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