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Best Cover Ideas for Boudoir Photo Albums

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 - 15:11
Boudoir album and Book Cover

For newer boudoir photographers, Photo Album covers can be a tricky subject to tackle.

Do you even show a photo from the session on the front? Is there a general style one should adhere to? Of course, there is no objective answer. It always depends on your client’s discretion and the kind of product packages you’d like to offer, at the end of the day. However, what we can show you are some tried and tested cover design methods, which your clients are bound to fall in love with either way.


Text & Self-made Pattern Designs

This classic pick for the Boudoir genre is most often enjoyed on an Exclusive Photo Album - be it a simple sentence reminding the client’s significant other who it was all done for, or a majestic, custom pattern spanning the entire cover, top to bottom.

Photo Album Exclusive with Self-made pattern on the cover


This can be paired with other cover add-ons for a fully personalised effect. Seams around the edge can uplift the design inside of them. A padded cover will give your end product a softer touch.

Photo Album and Photo Book Pro Exclusive collection with seam around the edge personalisation


The Exclusive album line is definitely the most go-to for Boudoir, especially if a client is feeling peckish about revealing more than is intended before the first spread is even opened. This brings us to...


The Acrylic.

For those who have no qualms with hiding their beauty - and wish to experience it to their fullest. Those that do wish to use an acrylic cover for their boudoir project will be stunned by the grand opening it provides.

Photo Album Acrylic Prestige with edge-to-edge acrylic plate adorning the cover


To combine the mystery of an Exclusive collection Album and the shimmer of love from an Acrylic cover, one can choose one of the smaller acrylic windows and add in a less revealing photo instead, complementing both sides of the coin.

“Acrylic takes everything up a notch. [...] It's the Acrylic cover my clients choose 9 times out of 10. And the reason why is because it just elevates it. It's so much more luxury. It is just a show stopper." - Elizabeth Craig

Materials & Album Collections

If you are only limiting yourself to these two Album types - the finishing touch would be a suitable material choice. Generally, boudoirs are associated with sophisticated materials, such as our leatherettes, velvets & suedes. The colour black is often preferred, though dark red & dark green are close behind.

There are other Photo Album collections to consider, however. The Glamour Collection Photo Album would be a perfect high-end offer, sporting unique designs and stunning Swarovski crystal finishes, revelling in all those special emotions within.

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