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Acrylic Photo album Lay flat professional nphoto
Acrylic Photo album Lay flat professional nphoto 1
Acrylic Photo album Lay flat professional nphoto 2
Acrylic Photo album Lay flat professional nphoto 3
Acrylic Photo album Lay flat professional nphoto 4

Acrylic Prestige

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Astonish with a striking edge-to-edge acrylic cover. A staple of this collection, each product comes standard with an acrylic-plated cover with your choice of five available options. Choose anything from a one-third acrylic strip to a full-cover pop.

See for yourself why this collection is one of our most lauded and talked about. With our Acrylic Prestige Collection provide your clients with not only an heirloom product containing incredible prints that will last generations; but also give them the power of prestige. 

The Acrylic Prestige Collection protect and accentuate your artwork; wow your clients. It is available in 80+ materials, either in textile, velvet, suede textile, or leatherette finish. 

Available patterns
AP1 - Acrylic Prestige
AP2 - Acrylic Prestige
AP3 - Acrylic Prestige
AP4 - Acrylic Prestige
AP9 - Acrylic Prestige

Products in the collection

Acrylic Complete Set with USB Photo Album photographer
Complete Set
DreamBook DreamLabo 5000
DreamBook 4K
Acrylic Photo Book Pro
Photo Book PRO
Traditional Self-Mount Photo Album
Traditional Self-Mount Album
Acrylic Prestige - Collection for Professional Photographers
Acrylic Prestige - Collection for Professional Photographers

The Acrylic Prestige Collection enhances nearly every product we offer. It’s the ideal collect for any occasion to add a little more class and prestige.


It’s crystal clear that Acrylic products are loved by photographers and their clients. They may come in a huge variety of possible combinations, shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common - the acrylic, glass-like finish.

About Acrylic Prestige Collection

We can say openly that the Acrylic Prestige Collection is our bestselling collection. Professional photographers and their clients all over the world love acrylic, also known as crystal, albums covers, and other photo products in this finish. So if you are just starting with photo products and you feel a bit overwhelmed by the variety of choice we offer, you can be sure that investing in a sample product from this collection will pay off very quickly. Everything about this collection screams luxury - especially our Acrylic Photo Album. Acrylic, crystal cover, also commonly described by our clients as 'glass cover', is available in not one, but five different plate formats and is often used as an acrylic wedding album.