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Box for prints quality hoto product from nphoto loose prints printing lab professional photographer
Box for prints photo keepsake photo prints quality nphoto loose prints printing lab professional photographer

Box For Prints

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A must-have for every professional photographer - a handmade Box for Prints.

Within this package, you can store up to 100 prints in one place. This memory box is fully personalised with your logo (or your customers’ names) and may include a place for a USB stick with a selected capacity.

Box for Prints is available in three sizes and two collections.

Box for Prints Exclusive loose prints usb stick
CREATIVE box for prints
Creative 100%


Our Box for Prints is available in the following formats (collection dependent):

15 x 10 cm / 6 x 4"
15 x 10 cm / 6 x 4"
18 x 13 cm / 7 x 5" / 178 x 127 mm
Print: 178x127mm| 18x13cm| 7.08x5"
25 x 20 cm / 10 x 8'' / 250 x 200 mm
Print: 250x200mm| 25x20cm| 9.84x7.87"
23 x 15 cm / 9 x 6"
23 x 15 cm / 9 x 6"


Get inspired. Featured product: H8 Duo textile material, 7x5" / 18x13 cm size, 3 cm depth This product does not include prints. You can order them separately choosing from a variety of options and paper types we offer.

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About Box for Prints

Don’t let the prints you deliver to your clients be stored in a shoebox. Even when you deliver prints you can make a special experience out of it. Box for Prints is a presentation box for your loose prints. Add this image box to your offer and have your prints stored and secured in a handcrafted box so they can be enjoyed in full quality for years to come.

Our prints boxes for professional photographers are available in two collections: Exclusive and Creative. Personalise the cover of your Box for Prints Exclusive with names, important dates, your logo or any other self-made pattern of your choice. You have 4 cover text positions, for both UV Print and Laser Etched designs. In the Creative collection, you can have a full printed cover with your best shot. The choice is yours.

Various sizes and depths to choose from: 0.6” (1,6 cm) depth will store from 20 to 50 prints, while 1.2” (3 cm) will hold up to 100 prints.