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DreamBook photo book quality lay flat professional print with acrylic glass cover nphoto 2

Dreambook 4K

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Redefine what’s possible in print with nPhoto’s premium DreamBook 4K. Our other flagship print product, this superb lay-flat photo book takes prints to a whole new level with its outstanding quality. 

Printed on the state-of-the-art Canon DreamLabo 5000 with a fortified seven-dye ink, the DreamBook 4K accentuates skin tones, shades and shadows, and bold bright colours to deliver images that come to life and leave your clients breathless.

Fully personalise your DreamBook 4K by including anywhere from 20 up to 120 pages and select from three paper types: Canon Gloss (275 gsm), Canon Luster (275 gsm) and Canon Satin (170 gsm). See below how else you can add the personal touch to each DreamBook 4K purchase. 

Pro Tip: Upgrade to a Complete Set – including a matching box and optional USB – to give the complete package.

Acrylic Prestige - DreamBook 4K
Acrylic Prestige
Exclusive - DreamBook 4K
Creative 100% - DreamBook 4K
Creative 100%


Currently, the DreamBook 4K is available in four different formats (collection dependent):

30x20 cm / 12 x 8" x 305 x 203 mm
Print: 305x203mm| 30x20cm| 12x7.99"
20x20 cm / 8 x 8" / 200 x 200 mm
20 x 20 cm / 8 x 8"
30x30 cm
30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12"
45x30 cm
45 x 30 cm / 18 x 12"


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Featured product: 12x12" (30x30cm) DreamBook 4K from the Acrylic Prestige Collection, E9 leatherette, AP4 acrylic window, UV printed text on the back cover, Canon Gloss 275 g.

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Dreambook 4K

About Dreambook 4k

Don't be mislead, the Photo Book is not a 'second-best' choice compared to the Photo Album as many photographers may believe and pronounce. Case and point, our DreamBook 4K. Simply, there is no other photo product quite like it. True, our Photo Albums set the bar high, but this - our premium quality photo book: the DreamBook 4K, easily matches the quality output of our elegant, heirloom albums. Created using the latest and most modern 7-dye, inkjet technology from the state-of-the-art Canon DreamLabo 5000, our DreamBook 4K makes dreams of crisp image quality, vivid colours, more natural black and white images, and sensational overall clarity and richness a thing of reality. Our DreamBook 4K - an extraordinary photo product reserved for professional photographers only. 

DreamBooks are printed on your choice of genuine Lustre (275 gsm), Gloss (275 gsm), or Satin (170 gsm) paper with one of the few Canon DreamLabo 5000’s available in the world. Unlike most books, the DreamBook 4K is a lay flat solution for all your photographic needs.

We highly recommend this product if you are looking for a photo book format for your storytelling photography, high-end portfolio book for your fine art photography, or a custom wedding book as an alternative to the more traditional flush mount Photo Albums.