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Complete Set

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This 3-in-1 combo product includes a full Photo Album, DreamBook 4K, or Photo Book Pro; a matching, hand-crafted box; and a USB (optional).

A practical, contemporary product our Complete Sets will please both the print lovers and digital cravers alike. Crafted with care by skilled artisans these exclusive sets are all you’ll need to keep your clients happy.

You can tailor this product to your needs to create a stunning photo set that will emphasise your wedding, newborn, portrait, family or pet photography and at the same time wow your clients and build your photography brand.

Acrylic Prestige photo album with acrylic cover
Acrylic Prestige
Exclusive collection photo album with a cut-out window or plain text logo
White Lady Collection wedding photo albums for photographers
White Lady
Black Star collection
Black Star
Gamma photo album with laser etched names and swarovski crystals

products included

Our Complete Sets are everything a client could ask for. Available with our Photo Albums, DreamBook 4Ks, and Photo Book PROs, the sets come with a hand-crafted matching Box and USB (optional). Each Photo Album /Photo Book / DreamBook 4k and Box have identical covers and the USB is coated in the same textile as the interior of the Box.

handcrafted photo album for photographers wedding newborn pet portrait
matching album box for professional photographers
USB stick digital prints for photographers flash drive
USB stick (optional)

Available with

Photo Album

Design from 5 up to 40 thick 800 gsm spreads in this luxury Photo Album. Lay-flat binding allows you to show your photo uninterrupted over a double-page spread. nPhoto’s flagship product.

Dreambook 4K

From 20 up to 120 unmounted double-sided pages that lay flat. Printed exclusively on genuine Canon paper with one of the few Canon DreamLabo 5000’s available in the world.

Photo Book Pro

It can contain from 20 up to 120 double-sided flexible pages. Non-lay-flat binding. Printed on the HP Indigo 12000 using the ultra-modern seven dye ElectroInk technology.


Diffferences between Photo Album, DreamBook4K and Photo Book Pro

Three core products are available as Complete Sets: Photo Album, DreamBook 4K and Photo Book Pro. Each of these products presents a different binding type and paper thickness:

1. Photo Album - thick, lay-flat spreads

2. DreamBook 4K - hinged, almost lay-flat flexible pages

3. Photo Book Pro - standard flexible book pages

Available sizes

Our Complete Sets are available in the following formats (core product and collection dependent):

20x20 cm / 8 x 8" / 200 x 200 mm
20 x 20 cm / 8 x 8"
25x25 cm / 10 x 10" / 255 x 255 mm
Print: 255x255mm| 25.5x25.5cm| 10.03x10.03"
30x20 cm / 12 x 8" x 300 x 200 mm
Print: 300x200mm| 30x20cm| 11.81x7.87"
30x30 cm
30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12"
40x30 cm / 16 x 12" / 400 x 300 mm
Print: 400x300mm| 40x30cm| 15.74x11.81"
42 x 30 cm
42 x 30 cm / 16.5 x 12''
45x30 cm
45 x 30 cm / 18 x 12"


You can complete your set with either Photo Album, DreamBook4K or Photo Book Pro. Featured product in the video: Complete Set with Photo Album in J28 Grey Leatherette with Box and USB. 


Reach your clients at no cost and increase your image and product sales without leaving your home. Impress them with a visualization of the product they can soon hold in their own hands.


Order a Sample

Complete Set - Sample

About Complete Set

How to make a professional product for photographers complete? Combine a matching Photo Album, Box with lift ribbon, and USB 3.0 stick (Sandisk) into one combo set. Deliver your wedding, portrait, family, pet or newborn photos in style, both in print and digital form. Your clients will love this simple, yet sophisticated form of heirloom. 

Pick either a high-quality professional lay-flat Photo Album, lay-flat DreamBook 4K printed on state-of-the-art inkjet technology with the Canon DreamLabo 5000, or a Photo Book Pro (non-lay-flat) printed on the HP Indigo 12000 that sets new industry benchmarks for quality, productivity and colour. All these products are differentiated into collections of varying style and design.

Depending on the collection, you can choose from 70+ cover colours either in textile, or a leatherette finish. Pick from pastel palette, bright colours, to pale, earthy tones. This professional set is our flagship product which allows you to create a stunning personalised keepsake for your customers. 

Get a sample product at a discounted price and start earning as a professional photographer. Our Complete Set is a must-have for every professional studio. You sell what you show; unless you show your customers exclusive, high-quality printing and photo products they won’t understand it’s actually exactly what they’re looking for.