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Our 2023 Christmas Deadlines

Thursday, October 12, 2023 - 14:42
deadlines 2023

Here it is - the missing puzzle to any ordering season. You can now confirm photo sessions & ordering dates with some peace of mind.

The pre-holiday season is a chaotic time for labs and photographers alike. This year, we’ve dedicated even more time to planning out our production schedule for your November & December orders.

Please note that it’s the time at which an order is accepted into production that is relevant to its estimated shipping time, not the time at which the order was placed.

 Product Type


All products except for those listed below
(Includes products from the Bestsellers category)


December 1st, 2023, 4PM GMT


All orders placed beforehand will be
made in accordance with the deadlines.

Accordion Mini Books

Prints, DreamPrints

Folio Prints,

Photo Calendars (All types)

Eco Gift Boxes

Pendrive Box with Accordion Mini Book

DUO Lite

Boxes for Prints, sized at 10x15cm/4x6" & 15x23cm/6x9"

(Includes products from the Bestsellers category)

December 4th 2023, 4PM GMT


Orders placed past their respective deadline will be shipped after the holidays.

Update: due to our production queues faring exceptionally well leading up to the holidays, there is still a high chance of your order (should it include products from the deadline on Dec. 1st) making it before the holidays if ordered up until & including the 3rd of December, 2023. This is not a guarantee however, and claims for delayed orders after the official deadline will not be considered.

Frequently asked questions around the pre-holiday season

Do orders take longer to produce during the season?
Due to the large number of concurrent orders being worked on at the same time, oftentimes the answer is yes. When multiple orders require the same machines & production teams to get involved, they will inevitably come under the risk of bottlenecking and extending their production time. Naturally, we always do what we can to alleviate said risk - through weekend production, increases in staffing, and 24/7 machine operation. Nevertheless, the pre-season often likes to play by its own rules - and the possibility of an extended production time is always there.

Will my order always arrive by the estimated delivery time?
We try to stick by these estimates to the best of our ability, but still highly recommend ordering sooner than later, on the off chance that there are any unexpected machine malfunctions or delays in shipping.

A good practice to go by is to ensure that the delivery date you provide to your clients is at least a few days after the estimated shipping time, to give yourself more breathing room should anything occur. On the upside, if your order arrives sooner, you could then surprise your clients with an early holiday present :)

...or don't

Perhaps, some of your clients may value the experience of a holiday photo session more than they value a strict delivery time for their print products. A minute-long discussion covering this might help you find that, say, 20% of your client base wouldn’t mind receiving their holiday photos after Christmas - and just think of all the extra, well-deserved sleep you could get from that!

Still, stress is a factor in any time-sensitive job - so if you do worry and need to know how your order is coming along, don’t be afraid to reach out and email our customer service, should things take noticeably longer than expected.

A few additional tidbits…

  • The deadlines listed assume that an order is sent as complete, i.e. no further changes or project adjustments will be required.
  • Claims made after a respective product deadline will most likely be resolved after Christmas.
  • We do not offer express production. Doing so would directly interfere with our production planning and cause further disruptions down the line.
  • Custom/non-standard orders will be put on hold during the season and will resume after the holidays (15th Oct. 2023, until 31st Jan. 2024)
  • Samples can still be ordered and shipped during the season, so long as the sample product is ordered before its respective deadline.
  • Your customer area’s order history panel will allow you to view the shipping status of an order. Please remember that parcel statuses are updated by their shipping provider.
  • Paid replacements for the individual parts of a set will be temporarily unavailable during the season.
  • Orders will be shipped once they are paid in full.
  • Separating orders into more packages will not be possible.


We will continue to keep you posted should any changes occur in the short term. Happy soon-to-be holidays!

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