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Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 14:02
folio box acrylic prestige

Say hello to the Folio Box Acrylic Prestige

Hopefully, you're getting the most out of the season. Whether it's updating your website, refreshing your packages, or catching up on edits, we all want to spend this time productively. 

To help you finalise any sales and to prepare you for future IPS sessions we recommend taking a look at the Folio Box Acrylic Prestige! If you're familiar with our Acrylic Prestige Photo Album collection you understand the hype. 

Folio Boxes in the Acrylic Prestige collection are available with two options of an edge-to-edge acrylic plated cover on any size Folio Box. You can now accentuate the cover of your Folio Box with a striking glass-like plate with an image underneath.

Earn without leaving home

We are pleased that you found the mockups of our Folio Boxes useful and most important - working! (Read more about the mockups HERE).


Get your hands on a Folio Box sample so you can adorn your studio with one and be ready to show your clients the sensational new products in your offer. That means you can get the Folio Boxes Acrylic Prestige (with cards and optional USB) or the Folio Boxes Exclusive (with cards and optional USB).


Add Folio Box accessories for an easy upsell 

Nothing goes better with Folio Boxes than our brand new accessories tailored to fit any size Folio Box prints. Handcrafted out of the best natural woods the Wooden Photo Ledge is the ideal upselling tool to pair with Folio Boxes. Not only is it the perfect add-on to any Folio Box, but it works great on its own too.


Wooden Photo Ledge
A great way to utilize the three available sizes of the Wooden Photo Ledge is by constructing a reveal wall on which you can present Matted Prints or Board Mounted Prints for future IPS sessions or for a unique background for virtual IPS sessions. Ledges come with two 1/3" openings on the back, perfectly balancing the product, so they're ready to hang the moment you receive them (nails/screws not included). Don't feel the need to hang it on a wall? No problem, the sturdy Wooden Photo Ledge can be placed on a mantle, shelf, bookcase, or any other flat surface in your home for that matter. Matted and Mounted Prints will fit beautifully into the ledges groove at the top and enhance any interior whether you decide to compose a reveal wall or make it an accent piece.

Tabletop Display Easel Stand - coming soon
Tabletop Display Easel Stands are an ideal complementary product to Folio Boxes. Easels are the perfect display tool for Matted Prints or Board Mounted Prints. With two sizes available you can match them to the size of your Folio Box. While the ledges sole purpose is to hold folio prints, the easel can be used for printed products like Photo Albums, DreamBooks 4K, and Photo Books Pro. Prop up your favorite Matted or Mounted Print, or a Photo Album opened to a full spread image to boast the layflat image quality of this product. The Tabletop Display Easel stand is super handy and portable because it can fold flat to be transported or stored away. Place it on any flat surface and switch up your portable gallery with fresh Matted or Mounted prints every day if you wish.

Both the ledge and easel present additional possibilities for you to increase sales with past and current clients. Show off your photography in an attractive, artistic way with the help of our products.



Get your hands on an Acrylic Prestige or Exclusive Folio Box today! And to facilitate new sales we have prepared new Folio Box Acrylic Prestige mockups for you to take advantage of. Thanks to these free selling tools, you will be able to prepare a tailored offer for previous clients. Read more about mockups and how to use them as a marketing tool here: "Earn Without Leaving Home with our Folio Box Mockups"


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