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Upgrade Your Print Offer with Acrylic Products

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - 14:56
wall decor products showing acrylic covers

What do we mean by this?

Simple: Let acrylic products become a tier upgrade to your existing product offerings.

Say that you have a line of exclusive collection Photo Albums, Folio Boxes or Photo Books, which you are ready to offer to your clients. It would be criminal to ignore the chance to offer your clients an “upgrade” on top of that. Let them know that an acrylic version is a stone’s throw away - and that the payoff is well worth the deal. Let’s just say that the “wow effect” your clients will have after receiving an acrylic product is worth the offering decision all on its own.

Your client gets a beautiful cover finish which makes their print product stand out even at a distance, while you get an impossible-to-miss opportunity for up-selling. Given how popular acrylic products are becoming within all genres of photography, soon enough these “upgrade” paths could instead become a staple of your packages - and your photography business will grow with them.

Below we’ve presented some effective ways of incorporating acrylic products into your offer.

The Photo Album, Photo Book Pro and Dreambook 4K all offer a very similar and easy to follow upgrade philosophy - going from their respective Exclusive options to each Acrylic Prestige counterpart. The acrylic window options between them are all almost exactly the same, allowing you to go by the preferences of each particular product as opposed to picking one for their specific acrylic design.

The Triplex is a little less obvious, but just as (if not more) easy to do. The acrylic in this case is used on the photos inside and not on the cover, therefore changing how your client actually views your work. This also means no extra project design is required for the front cover, further complementing the other products as an excellent add-on.

The Acrylic Print is a little trickier here - you would need to select one of the Wall Decors as your “base” decor offer, while allowing this one to be its “superior option.” Given how the Framed Print would be considered the least niche product out of the others, it has the best odds of fulfilling that task. Since the difference between a framed print and an acrylic is a visual one, it’s easy to see how it can be considered an upgrade.


Last but not least, the Folio Box. The product’s contents considered, an upgrade to acrylic would essentially be like getting an extra photo placement. It also allows the contents of the box to be more easily identified, making an upgrade path a clear advantage to you and the client.



With all of these offers, you are not only creating more variety, but a variety that requires minimal effort on your end - while painlessly expanding your possibility for profits ;)

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