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DUO Lite - a novelty sure to make you look twice!

Friday, May 26, 2023 - 14:12
DUO Lite for School and First Communions

Two Sides of Joy

Beautiful photos, printed and presented in an interesting way, is an idea that works every time. They don't have to be in the form of heavy albums with thick spreads (although we admit that they’re often the most pleasing to look at). Smaller, more creative gifts can also bring joy to your clients and their families. Available in nPhoto’s offer starting today, the Duo Lite is just that kind of product!

The DUO Lite is a bi-fold cousin of an album. It consists of just one spread, which can be customised and filled with as many photos as desired. It also lets you choose from a small selection of covers and finishes, allowing you to tailor it to various packages.

So, just what are some of its uses? Communion celebrations, Teacher's Day, graduations, extra gifts for family and friends at weddings, as an award, a mini tabloid, an elegant table menu, or a wine list for a restaurant - one could go on!

It’s worth noting that the DUO Lite does not have an interior cover - as the spread is applied directly onto its cover!

Where did the DUO Lite come from?

We’ve been missing a product in our range that’s more durable than our prints yet simpler than a regular Album - all while remaining versatile at the same time. The DUO Lite is similar in appearance to our now renowned Lite Album - in fact, the Lite Album was the inspiration behind the R&D work that went into our DUO Lite. The new DUO is sized at 20x20cm/8x8”, just like the Lite Album. Plus, its cover can be designed in 2 ways: 

  • Using one of our pre-designed templates, which can be adapted to your vision. We’ve created a variety of designs pertaining to school, religion, weddings, and family. If you choose this option, you’ll be given the option of either the pearl or matte laminate finish. Some of the designs available with this option can also be gilded!
  • The second option is a velvet textile (V14 off white) and as you may already have guessed, it comes as an easy recommendation for occasions such as weddings and religious ceremonies. It could also be particularly good at serving as a small guest book. With this option, you can laser etch your own design onto the cover.

Design, personalise, offer.

The DUO Lite is another product in our offer which we have prepared with many personalisation possibilities in mind. After all, it’s what makes the end result unique and tailored to your client’s needs. Our new DUO can also act as a gift from you, the photographer, as a thank you to your clients for their photo session and time. For example, one could add an extra set of photos that didn’t make the cut for the client’s main Photo Album alongside a note with a few nice words & a discount voucher for future shoots. The entry-level price point of the DUO Lite is another argument to consider when putting your offer together.

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