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Accordion Mini Book: A photographer's love affair

Friday, October 22, 2021 - 12:51
Accordion mini book

How can a photographer give presents to his customers in a professional manner? How can a portfolio be made portable? The answer can be the Accordion Mini Book. But what exactly is an Accordion Mini Book? Where does its name come from? Is it even worth integrating it into your product range?

  • The Challenge: What should I give my customers?
  • What is the Accordion Mini-book?
  • Mini-books as a part of your offer. How does it work?
  • Where Accordion Mini-books come from, the meaning of ‚ÄúLeporello‚ÄĚ
  • 10 use ideas.

I don't know what to give my customer ...

I was once in a restaurant in France, right on the main road. We ate something for lunch. Not a big order. Suddenly, an owner comes and serves everyone a glass of white wine. Not that we ordered it. He gave it to us. Simply just like that.

I would love to go back there. Not because of the free gift, but for the sake of being accommodating. It's a shame it's so far away ...

You, photographer, are sure to ask yourself the same question over and over again: What can I give my customer? It’s no easy question. Even with our loved ones, it can come across as a challenge. The gift shouldn't be cheesy. And it's not always easy to find something that is in line with your brand and underlines your professionalism. The gadgets that you can get around the corner often look cheap. And the professional photo products again cost a bit. The photographer is not Mother Teresa. He has to make money.

You like to get presents too, right? But it’s also clear that not every gift gives us much joy. Just think of the socks, Christmas sweaters, or decorative figures rotting in the closet.

The best gifts are those that you love to look at, touch, and pick up over and over again. But does coming up with a clever gift idea for your customers give you stress and headaches?

My name is Leporello, the Accordion Mini Book ...

A lot has happened behind the scenes. Testing. Analysis. Brainstorming. Prototypes. Then snap! The Accordion Mini Book has finally found its way into our offer. We had already announced it on Facebook a short time beforehand and received hundreds of enthusiastic comments across all of our international markets.

It is THE dream customer gift that has been awaited for so long.

And it's already waiting for you: A handy, 7x7cm, folded photo album with a customizable, magnetic envelope. Printed on fine art Mohawk Eggshell 215g / m2 or semi-matte Felix Schoeller 290g / m2, the mini leporello is in no way inferior to other photo albums from nPhoto. The first impression counts, of course, so the cover has to impress with its design. That is why it comes available with 25 ready-made patterns as well as 6 velvet and suede fabrics. An eco-friendly box add-on guarantees permanent protection against dust and the like. The Accordion Mini Book from nPhoto is an example of how ‚Äúcheap‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúprofessional‚ÄĚ can be brought together.

But not every photo product pleases every photographer and fits into every business - even if it is praised by oh so many hundreds. So see if it's your thing. Fill the folded accordion mini-book with 12 to 18 pictures, be it with your portfolio photos or with pictures of your family.

How do I integrate the Accordion Mini-book into my offer?

When I left the restaurant in France, I felt totally valued…. Can you imagine that? I didn't order it and still got it. And it is precisely with these feelings that the customer can leave your photo studio. We'll show you how to do it here:

  • A wedding couple who has already ordered a lavish package from you would definitely be happy about 3 small fan-folds that they can give away to their parents.

  • You may need an inexpensive product that you can give away or sell as an addition to your mini sessions.

  • You probably have skeptical customers who have only ordered prints so far. The Mini-book is a perfect bridge - a little something that can ultimately lead the customer to buy full-size photo books and photo albums from you.

  • You give presents to new parents too, right? But all grandmas, aunts, and such love to look at the pictures of their new family members. Whether you give these small print products away or sell them is your decision. You know your customers better than we do. However, the experience of photographers who have accordion mini-books in their range shows that Leporellos are particularly popular at baby shoots.

A Portfolio of love affairs

In a figurative sense, one can say that the photographer enters into a small ‚Äúlove affair‚ÄĚ with every customer, which sometimes turns into a great love. And that brings us straight to the origin of the word Leporello, an alternative way of naming accordion books. In an opera by Mozart there is a servant named Leporello who holds an accordion in his hands and - pointing to individual pictures - sings off all his master's love affairs in the aria. Sounds like a great portfolio presentation, doesn't it? Or at least after an exciting story (see point 1 below.)

Leporello: 10 use ideas

When interviewing for creative jobs, one often hears questions like: How can you use a pen creatively? Name 10 unconventional ideas. Instead of the pen, you could also insert ‚ÄúLeporello‚ÄĚ. Can we get to 10? Let's try it ...

Ideas for you, the photographer

1. If a customer does a few photo shoots with you in the same year, or if a child is photographed by you several times over a period of several years, a mini fanfold can serve as a nice review of the year or the ongoing events of their life.
2. The Accordion Mini-book is an attractive giveaway at trade fairs and other events. The magnets ensure that you can stack large quantities of these mini-books in a crash-safe manner.
3. An exclusive business card and a creative portfolio hanger: you don't have to print pictures on all sides. Your logo or contact details can also be found on the small panels.
4. In the case of school and daycare photography, those print products that can be marketed in larger quantities sell particularly well. In addition, a fanfold mini-book can appeal to children, parents and teachers better than pure prints.
5. They can also represent a bargain for the wedding party. If you stay true to our pricing policy for this particular product and offer lower prices for larger orders, you can increase your sales a little and expand your range exorbitantly.
6. Accordion Mini-books can have a positive surprise effect on the customer. Imagine, you're outside of the customer’s house or just going in and pulling one out of your bag without them expecting it.

Ideas for your clients:

7. An Accordion Mini-book isn't some sort of thing that you leave to gather dust in a drawer. This small photo product is more suitable as a magnet for the refrigerator.
8. It’s a great photography medium for children. They like to interact with it, they're surprised with new photos. They can't stop playing with the magnetic cover and just have a lot of fun.
9. The leporello is a souvenir that you can take with you wherever you go. It's smaller than a typical cell phone and easy to slip into your pocket.
10. It is suitable as a chic gift to remember an important event. Instead of images, you can also have important data or quotations printed on individual pages.

Yes, we have arrived! Is your heart & mind ready for the Minibook? Or do you need a look at the gallery or a more detailed product description to get to know your beloved even better? Give yourself and your customers a gift that can work even better than a free glass of wine in a French village far away from you.

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