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Wooden Photo Ledge for Professional Photographers

Wooden Photo Ledge

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With this handy wooden photo ledge, made of top-grade ash, you can create an awe-inspiring gallery. This simple, solid woodwork makes your customer feel as if they’re in an ambient museum. It comes in three different lengths and fits comfortably into any interior.


Available Formats

The Wooden Photo Ledge is available in the following sizes:

L 37" (94cm)
L 37" (94cm)
M 25" (64cm)
M 25" (64cm)
S 13" (34cm)
S 13" (34cm)

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Wooden accessories set the perfect stage for your photos.

About Wooden Photo Ledge

The Wooden Photo Ledge sets the perfect stage for your photos. The rail can be easily affixed to the wall and whatever you put onto the ⅓” inch-wide groove may be effortlessly exchanged and rearranged. Passepartouts- Matted Prints or Board Mounted Prints fit snugly into the lodge nailed to the wall. With its smooth oiling and stylish growth-rings pattern, the Wooden Photo Ledge is a unique eye-catcher. This handcrafted piece is made of certified ash wood and is colour-matched to passpartouts and framed prints. The Ledges are an especially favourable choice for long and narrow interiors.

Standing in front of the reveal wall full of pictures that rest upon a stylish Ledge and holding the Folio Box in their hands may be a truly unique experience for your customers. Who knows, maybe they also start to crave such a gallery in their homes.

This Ledge can be secured to the wall, or placed on a mantle. The product is wrapped carefully and thoroughly to ensure safe transport. Nails and screws are not provided.