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Get ready for Holy Communion season!

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 12:28
nphoto communion offer 2024 - 2025

For many photographers, one of the busiest times of the year is fast approaching; just as the preparations leading up to the new year have come and gone, so comes the wedding season - and the seldom mentioned Holy Communion season too! It serves as an excellent opportunity for building up new client bases and catching early bookings. We figured that this is too good of an opportunity to pass up, so we're keen on getting you prepared with brand new marketing materials, and a substantial set of discounts to boot!

It's true that the season for Holy Communion bookings is rather short, but with just enough careful planning, an attractive photography package and the right approach to promotion, you'll be able to turn it into one of the most lucrative parts of the year. Our offer is here to make that into a reality. You can already find further details of our upcoming discounts in the "special offers" section of the customer area, and it, along with a corresponding subsection in the nShop, will officially go live on April 1st, 2024 - so be sure to check out what kinds of product configurations we'll have in store!

However, discounts aren't worth much on their own, which is why we've created...

A Holy Communion Promotion Kit

You've likely worked with us long enough to know that we wish to assist you in more than promotional discounts alone; we wish to support you and your business, to be a source of inspiration for your continued growth. With that, here's what's also available:

1. A themed product guide - This free PDF catalogue contains a quick preview of each product that we've deemed a perfect fit for First Holy Communion sessions. It's unbranded and allows for an easy selection of products that suit your client's needs, meaning that you can send it to them without worry. We've prepared it in such a way that you can insert your own pricing next to each product. All it'll take is a few clicks, and you'll have an entire Holy Communion offer at the ready!

2. Pre-finished product photos - A variety of photos presenting photography from first Holy Communions on our products. These materials come pre-edited, allowing you to start promoting packages on your social media, newsletters or web page from a moment's notice. They're made up of stock photos, so they can also be sent to your clients without any issues, and are a sure way of helping them picture their own family member's photos on a print product.

Fill out the form below & make your work easier with the use of our free marketing tools!

Get marketing materials

Discounts that give you more

To give this seasonal promotion all the more versatility, the relevant products will be discounted starting from just one unit - thus allowing you to order separate projects of the same product, while still taking advantage of the discount. While the promotion officially begins on the first of April, we're sending it out early to give you the time you need for necessary preparations. In addition, the same offer will become available at the same time of next year, giving you the chance to see what works for your business so that it can be applied in full at a later time.

Start designing

Communion Bestsellers

Accordion Mini Book
Customise your accordions with a selection of cover designs in the V14 velvet material. All three sizes are taking part in this offer!

Two of our more popular sizes are available for this offer, 20x20cm/8x8” & 15x23cm/6x9”. You can also chose between V1 & V14 velvets for a truly Communion-themed Triplex!

Luxury Greeting Card
The sizes supported in this offer are 15x20cm/6x8” & 20x30cm/8x12”.

Lite Album
Choose between a matte or pearl laminate for this 20x20cm/8x8” Lite Album, and don’t forget to check out the gilding options available!

Duo Lite
Also sized at 20x20cm/8x8”, with the option of choosing between the matte laminate or V14 velvet, with additional personalisation options available. We felt that this was a product perfectly suited for smaller Communion photo shoots!

Photo Album
Available in 20x20cm/8x8”, with two appropriate material options.

Complete Album Set
Following the above, the Communion offer will feature a 20x20cm/8x8” complete set from the White Lady collection, with two material options to choose from.

Folio Box
A 20x30cm/8x12” Exclusive collection box with 5 Folio prints. For cover options, our offer features the F1 leatherette and V14 velvet.

Eco Gift Box for Prints
It’s hard to imagine a Holy Communion offer without it! This particular gift box will be sized at 15x23cm/6x9”.

As mentioned, more details can be found in the "Special offers" section of the customer area.

Prepare alongside us - collect your free marketing resources and enjoy bookings that you never thought you could get!




The Holy Communion offer entails the following products, in selected personalisation options: Accordion Mini Book, Lite Album, Triplex, Duo Lite, Eco Gift Box for Prints, Photo Album, Complete Album Set, Folio Box, Luxury Greeting Card. More information on the selected design options required for the offer to apply can be found on the "Special Offers" panel, in the Customer Area
Products taking part in this offer will be found in a dedicated sub-section of the nShop. The offer will be available starting from the 1st of April, 2024 through the 31st of July, 2024, as well as from the 1st of April, 2025 and through the 31st of July, 2025. The offer will be applied starting from just one unit of a product, and different photo projects can be used for more than one unit of a product (the discount will still apply.) Prices will be automatically adjusted after adding an applicable product to the cart. The offer can be used multiple times and has no quantity limit during its duration. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions on the same product.

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