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Rediscover the possibilities of the nDesigner - NEW FEATURES

Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 17:47
nPhoto nDesigner free online photo product designing software

nPhoto's nDesigner is a free online product designer created to make designing that much easier.

The online designer is equipped with features you'd find in many well-known photo-designing programs but its selling point is the convenience and time saved designing. The nDesigner is our clients' go-to designing software and made-to-fit nPhoto products, so you can be sure your project will be printed perfectly!

Oh and almost forgot to mention, if you're new to our nDesigner - no worries! The program will be happy to guide you through a tutorial and show you the most important aspects of the creator. How to access the tutorial? Add a product to your cart and select Design Project Online.


nDesigner & mini-sessions

The nDesigner is here to make designing mini-session products that much easier. Rediscover the possibilities of the nDesigner in the Photo Album and Accordion Mini Book - just a few of the products included in our mini-session promo! Sign up to the promo below but before you do, make sure to watch the videos to see how you can make the most out of your mini session product designs so you can efficiently design selected products for your clients and get them 40% off and grab an additional 10% off Accordion Mini Books!


Accordion Mini Book

Right off the bat, we have to brag about the new Accordion Mini Book spread layout options! 12 different page layouts incorporating both a place for an image as well as an area to include text, cliparts, or to leave blank for a handwritten note once you have the printed product in hand.

Layouts are not all that's new, we also just recently added cliparts to the Accordion Mini Book! This is truly groundbreaking, especially for mini-sessions where you have fewer images to include, you can fill out the 'blank spaces' with beautiful cliparts, ready-made calligraphy cliparts, or include your own text. 

You're probably wondering how easy it is to design - super easy! Just watch our tutorial below and make sure to check out the nDesigner tutorial that pops up when you click on Design Project Online in the cart.

Sign up below to get 10% off Accordion Mini Book client orders!


Photo Album

Refresh your mini-session Photo Album designs with creative cliparts - watch the video below to see how! Sign up below to get 40% off client orders for selected products!






Mini-session Promotion Details

Apply your 40% discount to client orders until June 22nd, 2022 for the following products

  • Folio Boxes
  • Triplexes
  • Boxes for Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Wooden Easel Stands
  • Photo Albums (Standalone)

As a bonus, there’s also a 10% discount on Accordion Mini’s.

To help you prepare to run your mini-session offer efficiently we’ve prepared a mini-sessions guide consisting of a planner, checklist, and calendar all in one free PDF. We’ve collected tips and pieces of advice from photographers who currently run their own successful mini sessions, detailing how you can save more, earn more and offer more.

Last but not least, we've updated our set of free mockups which make offering online so much easier!

Get your hands on all of the above by signing up below.


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