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Get free festive patterns to add that little extra touch to your products

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 15:54
Christmas patterns festive patterns vector files by nphoto

We strongly believe that little extra touch goes a long way and here at nPhoto we specialize in delighting your customers. So if you want help in surprising them, download our special collection of ready-made festive patterns.

In 2021 everything may seem different but one thing is certain; we all need something to look forward to. To better days, to making memories, to meaningful presents. And what makes a better holiday gift than a custom Box for Prints or a Photo Album to be cherished for years to come?

Photography is important and essential to building connections and memories. And here at nPhoto we help savvy photographers position and package it because we believe that family heirlooms that make their way through generations are priceless.

To make this holiday season worth the wait, we decided to release a special collection of ready-made festive patterns for you to include in our products. All to add that extra touch of joy and magic of Christmas. 


Fill out the form below to download the FREE festive patterns:


By downloading the files you agree to use these patterns in nPhoto products exclusively.  

Your logo or a special festive pattern on the cover

Most of our products give you an option of adding a self-made pattern to the cover. In most cases, photographers use this to add their logo to the front or back of the product, which is a great solution if you want to promote your brand

We only require a vector file, saved as .pdf file. If you are interested in how to convert your logo to a vector file you can read more about it in our FAQ section.

Depending on the cover material you get your logo UV printed or laser-etched. To see the colour of the pattern on each material you can download our online swatch book here. 


How to use the festive patterns on our products

We did the hard work for you. The festive patterns are already vector files saved as 10x10 cm / 4x4’’ .pdf files. That means your only work is to let us know how big you want them to be printed on your products. 

Please watch this step-by-step tutorial here: 


Pro Tip. We do not recommend downsizing the festive patterns. The ones you see as default in the .pdf file are proved to be a minimum size to make it legible. That means you can only make it bigger. They can be any size as long as they fit on your product. We suggest leaving a 5mm safe area around the edges of the cover of your product. 
For example, for a 30x30cm album, you would be able to create a Laser Etch or UV print of 29x29cm, at maximum. In the case of a Laser Etch on a USB, the largest print available is 3,7cm x 1,5cm.

Which products give me an option of adding the self-made patterns?

You can add the festive patterns to almost all the products:
-Box for Prints
-Folio Box
-Photo Album Exclusive

Read more about using them for your next Mini Sessions offer here

But if you are not offering minis this year, you can still take advantage of these free festive patterns by adding them to our bestselling Complete Sets, Photo Books Pro or Dreambooks 4k. The USB Memory Box with a small pattern on the cover will also look fantastic!



Pro Tip. If you prefer to have a star, tree or a gingerbread man right in the centre of your cover then the Exclusive collection is what you are looking for. This line gives you an option of a plain cover to which you can add one of your favourite festive patterns. 

If you want to go one step further and are looking for a perfect way to deliver your photo products to your customers don’t forget about our gift bags.


Get a bundle of ready-made festive patterns for FREE. Simply fill out the form at the top of this article.  

Wondering how you can make these patterns sell?

We can help you out in that aspect too! Make it rain with our upselling package, which will let you make the most of this holiday season by using various pro photographer tips, offers, mockups and much more.


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