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Why is it worthwhile investing in a sample product? 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - 12:19
Why is it worthwhile investing in a sample product, complete set

Let’s talk work. 

A photographer's work includes various challenges, inspiring activities, and meetings with interesting folk. It certainly makes it a unique line of work and means that you dedicate all of your career time to it, or even every waking moment away from work if you’re in a different profession. Regardless of whether photography is your only source of income or another side activity, it’s important that it should bring you joy, fulfillment, and the possibility of going forward in the photography industry. 

It’s quite obvious that the work of a photographer also consists of many repetitive and time-consuming tasks, e.g., preparing offers, responding to messages and questions, managing a web page and social media profiles, organizing photo sessions, retouching, and photo editing, designing photo products for clients, sending invitations and thank-you’s for sessions, negotiating deals, minding deadlines, etc. 

Through all this busy work, in order to avoid losing motivation and satisfaction from taking photos, it’s good to prepare and invest in tools that would make the job easier. Especially at the start of 2023, a year that brings the prospect of new solutions, developments, and breakthroughs from recent limitations.



Sample products aren’t just for show!

Perhaps you may believe that a sample product is just a standard marketing device worth having on offer. You couldn’t be more wrong! A sample isn’t a form of promotional material like paper catalogues or company flyers; under many aspects, it’s something much more valuable. A sample product isn’t meant to be an attraction seen from behind a shop window. It can be observed, touched, and felt by a client only thanks to you, the photographer!

A sample photo product is made from the same exact technology, using the same high attention to detail and the same materials you would see in a final product when ordering from nPhoto. It’s exclusive and precisely made, as an effect of combining handmade work with the newest printing technology. We offer you a sample order at an incredibly attractive price, essentially at a fraction of its actual value. You can expect this from any photography brand, as the objective is to help you expand your business.

What kind of benefits can your clients get from this? First, the sample will significantly assist in presenting the quality you offer – a quality that will maintain their memories for years. It’s a preview of a unique product, which your client can order alongside a photo session. Don’t miss your chance to present such a preview at your next meeting!


How do you order the perfect sample product?

By now, you must have been told multiple times that sample products make for fantastic selling tools. It's true! Let's consider why one should invest in them and what makes them so important that it's worth planning an order for one, especially at the start of a year. Also, does an "ideal" sample product actually exist?

An ideal sample portrays the beauty of your photography at its absolute best. It should be relevant to what you and your photo sessions offer. You can become inspired by other photographers' work, but it should be primarily based on your personal preferences and tastes. Thus, don't order a sample that will leave you indifferent to it – order one which raises your heartbeat and makes you want to present it to your clients immediately, be it an album, photo book, or folio box.

The cover material, the paper, finishes, and personalising options – all these elements are meant to present your work as best as they can, first and foremost. You can only present your offer effectively to your clients if you are fully satisfied with your sample. It's a way of showing your career portfolio, so it's worth spending time designing and ordering one.




„Show me what I’m paying for”

Meeting with clients is one of the most essential elements of your job. As a matter of fact, it’s just as important as the photo session. When meeting your client, you can take a closer look at the needs, expectations, and objectives they wish to achieve when working with you. Don’t forget about preparing adequately for the meeting – let’s think about how we can ensure that the meeting goes through smoothly and ensures future photo sessions come.

Bring your portfolio to the meeting, preferably in the form of a physical, tangible product. That’s where the sample comes in! Every year, you can order up to 10 sample products from nPhoto –  to help you make new samples throughout the year. (If you need more, you can also message your account manager for details).

A high-quality sample will help the client understand the final price for your services. It’s easier to offer and sell a product when its quality speaks for itself. Presenting a precisely made product, you build yourself a professional image – one that cares about the details. Thanks to the sample, your client knows what they’re paying for and what can be expected from working with you. They can be confident that their photos will be presented in the best way possible. Viewing a sample with photos made by you is an exciting and engaging experience for the client. It is associated with positive emotions, which correlate with their purchasing decisions (and order options).

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Your offer, your sale.

Sometimes, the offers that may be presented for your services (on your website, for example) can confuse new clients who may have never seen or purchased photo products like yours. Once again, this is where a sample could come in to give your client closure and clarity, using something they can actually see and touch.

You can adjust your samples to just about any type of photography you deal with. For example, they can contain newborn, maternity, wedding, family, boudoir, or other portrait photos. By bringing a sample to your client meeting, you not only care for the presentation of your offers but also encourage your client to order extras for their session – in other words, upselling in its purest form. Moreover, clients will decide on a photo product more often if they can view it in person beforehand.

The Sample Summary

To sum it up, why is it worth investing in product samples?

    • A sample is a full-value product, which you can order at a convenient price.
    • It’s a great way of presenting your work portfolio and product offers.
    • It’s a tool for developing your business and sale of photo products as extras for your session.
    • A sample generates positive emotions for clients and helps them to understand your costs, which encourages them to place an order. It helps out with business meetings as well.
    • Samples help to promote the idea that a photo product is the best way of keeping a client’s photos with them for years to come.

The sample is your own effective selling tool, while the start of a year is the best time for ordering your own sample product – with a large discount at that!


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