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Monday, October 3, 2022 - 09:02
Pendrive Box News - New product release

A new offer has appeared among our options for USB drive packaging - the Pendrive Box. It pairs with the rest of our product lines perfectly, and can easily go alongside other photo products from each of their respective collections. It’s elegant, handmade and comes with a bunch of personalisation options to boot!

Another packaging option? Why?

It’s all to do with your needs, of course! You, the photographers, have reached out to us and said that the current USB drive packaging offer needs an update - and we think it’s something well-deserved. We’ve been told that the interior foam can be unappealing, and that being able to change the pendrive’s colour would be a great help. Thus, we’ve decided to create a new form of packaging which addresses these points. The Pendrive Box will eventually swap out the USB & Case and Memory Box in our offering, which will be removed sometime towards the end of 2022. Until then, you’ll be able to order either of them - we know that these things take time to adjust to one’s offer, so we’re letting you know ahead of time.

New interior and exterior

First of all, the Pendrive Box’s size is 10x15cm/4x6” - to get you an idea of what that’s like,  it’s not dissimilar to the smallest Box for Prints in our offer. Now, to get to the point - the exterior gives you access to some of our various material options that you’d find in our other products, including the recently added velvets! That’s just the Exclusive collection, not to mention that there’s a Creative 100% collection available as well, with all of the custom cover freedom you know & love. You design it, we print and laminate it. As for the interior, both collections give you multiple fabrics to choose from. This takes us to the star of the show, the USB drive itself - the Exclusive collection will feature the same drive colour as the exterior material, while the Creative collection’s USB drive will share its colour with the interior.

All according to taste

There are plenty of other personalisation options too, giving you a larger level of freedom with making each Pendrive Box truly yours. Those constantly on the move will be happy to hear that we’ve picked 10 of our most popular preset designs from our other product lineups and added them to this one, some of which allow for your own piece of text. Those looking for a twist on the other hand, will find an option to select the position & font for a text of their choice. On top of it all, there’s always the option for a custom design - the whole cover is yours. Now who doesn’t love that?

Some other things to know…

The USB 3.0 drive capacities can be chosen between 16, 32 and 64 GB, just like before. Given that they’ll match the material of your box, there are now dozens of colours that they can be featured with, and not just one, unlike the USB & Case.

The A30 material in particular will allow you to choose the colour of your UV print - there are 4 different options to choose from. Be sure to try ‘em all. ?

Remember, the Memory Box hasn’t gone away just yet either! It’s the smallest of our USB packaging offers & features a USB Mini. This product will also be available until the end of this year, or until supplies run out.

The end… or is it?

Let’s also not forget about our recent bestsellers list - you may find the new Pendrive Box waiting for you there, perhaps alongside an extra discount offer should you add a bestseller to your cart! ?

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