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We have gold!

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - 10:13
Gold Gilding Cover Photo

In our product catalogue, can you guess which text design option radiates elegance, style, and beauty? The right answer would be "gilding" of course! While gilding has been wildly popular with wedding photo albums, the hype on Holy Communion photo albums doesn't fall short either. Currently, we are introducing this gilding option only for leatherette Photo Albums. However, we are also excited to expand this option on more products in the future.

It goes without saying, Photo Albums with gilding on the cover look great! Afterall, the classic elegance of leatherette, combined with prominent and shiny gold really stands out! We understand that we made you wait a long time for this option in our offer. Which is why we are happy to inform that your patience has paid off! Seeing as we are one of the few producers on the market offering custom designs for gilding, and not just some "off the shelf" designs. 

Here are the details:

You have this gilding option for 3 Photo Album formats: 20x20 cm/8x8", 25x25 cm/10x10", and 30x30 cm/12x12".

The resulting pattern is rounded, pleasant to the touch, and the gold layer itself is shiny and reflective, as if it were a mirror. The technological process of producing the gold pattern on the cover is labor intensive and complex. With a specific print medium, such as leatherette, which can vary in thickness and penetrability, we cannot guarantee the identical duplicability of a given inscription/graphic. The same pattern may look slightly different each time, and there may be slight defects (in the form of minimal abrasions and stripes). Please note that this does not affect the overall aesthetic appearance, and only adds to the uniqueness that this option brings.

Rest assured, just like any other customisation option, gilding is also subjected to regular quality control on our part. We will confirm the quality of the product and check for any deviations that may occur so that you may choose this option stress free. Ensuring that your album will look as amazing as they can be!

Gold on the cover

There are dozens of ready-made patterns to choose from, most of them being wedding patterns, but there are also more universal ones. These, in turn, will work well for albums from communion sessions, baptisms, birthdays and anniversary sessions. Detailed information about each of the available options for individual designs can be found in nShop. When creating a collection of patterns for gilding, we keep a close eye on the current trends. Since we are aware of how important it is, for a given pattern to be popular and how this impacts a customers decision. 

As mentioned before, the gilding option is currently only available for leatherette Photo Albums and laminated Lite Albums. We have to admit that the more we look at gilding, the more it grows on us. So we will strive to add this feature onto other products in the near future. We can agree however: the gold pattern, naturally associated with elegance and prestige, is best displayed in a simplistic and clean fashion. This is the vision that we have for gilding once it will be available on other products. When will that day come? We won't spoil the news just yet, so until then, stick around!




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