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New In - Mohawk Paper in our Photo Albums

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 17:44
Mohawk matte, vintage, paper type, nPhoto

Our Photo Albums now come with the option of Mohawk Eggshell paper.

This paper is printed on the ultra-modern HP Indigo 12000; which uses ElectroInk technology and a seven dye ink. In this way, the technology offers the widest digital colour gamut available; achieving 97% of PANTONE colours. You may be familiar with this paper type as it was first made available in our Photo Book Pro product line.

However, in our Photo Albums, the paper will feature the stiff, sturdy, durable 800gsm standard of all our albums. This addition also means you now have 4 different paper types available to you from 3 different printing technologies in our photo albums.

Those are: 

  • Fuji Silk and Fuji Pearl (Metallic) using Noritsu HD technology
  • Deep Matte from our Canon DreamLabo 5000
  • Mohawk Eggshell which is printed using the ultra-modern HP Indigo 12000.

If you’re having trouble deciding which paper to choose consider these facts about the papers in general:

Silk – a finish with a luxury feel. It’s soft touch and woven texture leave an impression of incredible craftsmanship and elegance. The result of the image is similar to that of a lustre in which there is still some sheen and glossiness but not nearly as much as a true gloss or metallic finish. Very resistant to fingerprints and scratches. Rich colour reproduction. Fuji Silk paper gives your images a soft look, contrastingly to the sharpness provided in glossy papers.

Pearl (Metallic) – our metallic finish is step up even from a glossy finish. In this way, the paper is durable, carries a heavy sheen, but projects colours in the most vivid detail. A downside to metallic is its susceptibility to fingerprints and glare issues. 

Deep Matte – as the name suggests this is a more profound matte than a traditional matte finishes. Mattes are known to have no light reflection or sheen. Pictures in mattes appear soft and artistic. Canon Deep Matte paper has a very matte finish with an almost velvet feel and provides a media to show off realistic colours and rich contrast. It gives off that professional, artistic finish - especially for skin tones, blacks and whites, and delicate shoots. It absorbs light very well.

Mohawk Eggshell – is a fine art paper created with natural fibers. It combines the tactile feel of uncoated paper with the ink density and sharp detail of coated photo paper. It absorbs light very well.

With four choices now at your disposal, our Photo Albums are perfect for any style of shoot and any occasion. Also be sure to get a Demo Paper Bundle where you will get a sample of each of these papers and more.

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