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Monday, March 1, 2021 - 15:00
Turn mini sessions into maxi profit nphoto

Let us FLIP the way you perceive “mini” sessions. We can tell you what’s not mini about them, the profit (if done right). So if you’re ready to invest just a wee bit of your time to make a huge profit on mini/spring/seasonal sessions just keep on reading.


10 reasons why you should consider offering Spring mini sessions 

1) Free Marketing Materials that will be your roadmap to promote your Spring Sessions the RIGHT way

Grab this FREE, but oh so valuable, bundle of FIVE unique marketing tools.

  • 13 product mockups which you can personalise with your own images and use on your website, social media channels, and newsletters
  • social media templates so you can promote your Spring Specials easily (simply change the images and texts and you are ready to go) 
  • All-In-One Mini Session Planner
  • Checklist: How to Promote Mini Sessions Using Digital Marketing
  • 6 Prebaked Product Packages so you can set your price, add your branding and images and start sending them to your customers; all products are carefully chosen especially for the purpose of mini sessions


2) Products that will help you maximise your mini session profit 

These products are perfect for mini sessions as they only require a small number of edited photos. You can build your own packages with the products we offer (simply mix and match for your convenience) or rely on our Prebaked Products Packages that you will be able to personalise quickly. And yes, all these products have dedicated mockups. Simply sign up below and grab the bundle. 

Grab the FREE Marketing Bundle


3) Full-time photoshoots are complicated and expensive to advertise.
Mini sessions are an investment in long-term relationships with your clients. 



4) Acquiring a lead usually costs about 10% of your service.

avg. wedding photoshoot = $2,000
COST PER LEAD = 10% from $2,000 = $200

avg. Mini Session photoshoot = $200
Cost per lead = 10% from $200 = $20

So within the marketing budget of $1000 you can acquire: 5 leads for a wedding photoshoot or… 50 leads for a mini session.

5 ) People are more eager to book a mini session because it’s: 

  • cheap (for you to produce),
  • quick (both for you and the client, so they’ll be more likely to commit),
  • easy to share on Social Media (you usually get around 5 photos, so it’s not hard to choose which to post :)) 

6) Running a business means that you have to scale each year.
Mini Sessions are a quick and effective way to get new clients that you can later turn into full-time photoshoots customers (especially if you use a very cool idea and give them a voucher for 10% OFF for your full-time service right after the mini session - for example). 

7) You can ask each person after the Mini Session to review your Facebook fan page, Google Maps page, etc.
In this way, you’ll get a nice boost for your testimonials (that you can also embed on your website). 

8) By getting clients for mini sessions you are also enlarging your newsletter database, and social media following.
These are real and active users, so it’s really crucial to have them gather organically. 
Your clients after the mini session will publish photos on social media - in most cases, they will also tag your fan page. That’s a great way to get additional organic reach among their family and friends!

9) In the future, there will probably be moments when you won’t have materials to put on your Instagram or Facebook accounts.
Thanks to Mini Sessions you can gather a lot of material for your portfolio because it will show a variety of people who used your services. 

10) In the photography business, maintaining a good relationship with your client is crucial. By acquiring a great number of leads for mini sessions, you should treat them as leads in your database, and inform them about your new blog posts, or upcoming events. Just to remind them about yourself. 


PRO TIP: If you want to change the perceived value of your mini sessions, you can get rid of the word “mini” in your packages and marketing. The name e.g. ‘Spring Specials’ will look great in Social Media Templates or Prebaked Products Packages we’ve prepared for you. 


Interested in mini sessions? You should be! Just fill in the form below and we’ll email you the details.




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