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MDF Wood Mounted Print

MDF Wood Mounted Print

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A matte finish photographic print mounted on 6mm MDF backboard; ready to display, and ready to impress.

Wow your clients with our practical, ready-to-hang MDF Wood Mounted Prints. These professional wall decor products are ideal for displaying your client’s photos in a way they’ll always be seen.

Using high-quality, smooth, matte finish photo paper and inkjet printing technology with pro-level pigment inks, your images come to life backed by sturdy MDF board and hung on a wall. Extra laminated photo finish for an extra protective layer makes this product extremely scratch-resistant. 


Available formats

Sizes are provided in both inches and millimeters below.  Currently our MDF Wood Mounted Prints are available in the following formats:


Clean and contemporary look combined with durability

MDF Wood Mounted Print

1. Laminated, smooth, matte finish photo paper

2. 6 mm MDF wood backboard

Product features


The MDF Wood Mounted Print is printed in a smooth, matte-finish, but is anything but dull. See as this impressive wall product grabs your attention with it its vivid detail and professional style. This product is a sure seller in your professional photography studio.

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MDF Mounted Print

About MDF Wood Mounted Print

Our MDF Wood Mounted Prints make for a fantastic wall decor photo product. Include them in your studio, packages, and bundles to generate more interest in your offerings. Prints and wall art still remain among the most popular product choices for professional photography clients so do your business a favour and offer a few varieties of wall decor and mounted photo prints to take advantage of what your clients will want.

Moreover, the pigment ink used for our MDF photo prints is a high-quality, professional ink that increases the longevity and color life of your photo work compared to dye-ink variants. Also, this product includes an extra laminated photo finish for an extra protective layer and assurance your product will last. 

Wood mounted and MDF mounted photos, along with wall displays in general, are especially popular among clients looking for family, newborn, child, pet, or other styles of portrait photography. So, if you consider yourself a portrait photographer, or fall into one of those genres, don’t limit yourself and instead try our wood mounted photo prints; specifically, our MDF Mounted Prints, today. 

This product comes ready to display along with a microfiber cloth for care and maintenance. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included.  

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