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Introducing: our Latest Eco Gift Boxes

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - 10:30
ECO Gift Box for prints and accrodion mini book

Our Eco Gift Box lineup has just been expanded! We've introduced additional sizes on top of the 11 previous options. Check out which products will now be Gift-ready below!

The latest Eco Gift Boxes will be available for: 

  • Accordion Mini Books: The new 10x14cm / 4x4.5" and 12x12cm / 5x5" size options. Find out more about our new Accordions here.
  • Prints & DreamPrints: 13x18cm / 5x7" and 15x21cm / 6x8"; each box can contain up to 70 photos.

In the case of our Prints and DreamPrints, until recently we recommended using 15x23cm / 5.9x9" boxes for prints of a similar shape and size - but they will now have a size option that will fit them just right.

What makes the Eco Gift Box so special? 

  • Simple & elegantThe Eco Gift Box has a simple design that can pair well with any of its supported products, and its distinct terrazzo pattern adds charm to the overall aesthetic of the box.
  • Eco-friendly and made of natural materials – The paper material composing our Eco Gift Box is created by utilizing used coffee grounds. This makes the boxes substantially more eco friendly, and the recycled coffee provides a classier look when compared to products made of regular, recycled cardboard.
  • Quality and value – Not only does the Eco Gift Box boast an attractive price tag, it's also quite durable and long-lasting. Rest easy knowing that your products will be kept safe.


Boxes befitting anything & anyone

The Eco Gift Box is also available in a variety of other shapes & sizes, to match the many products that are a part of our product collection:

  • Photo albums: 20x20 cm, 25x25 cm, 30x30 cm/ 7.8x7.8", 9.8x9.8", 11.8x11.8"
  • Prints: 10x15 cm, 15x21 cm, 15x23 cm/ 3.9x5.9", 5.9x8.2", 8.2x9"
  • Triplex: 15x15 cm, 15x23 cm/ 5.9x5.9", 5.9x9"
  • Accordion Mini Book: 8x8 cm; 3x3"
  • USB Memory Box: 14x15 cm/ 5.5x5.9"
  • Complete Set: 20x20 cm, 25x25 cm, 30x30 cm/ 7.8x7.8", 9.8x9.8", 11.8x11.8"
  • Packaging for Prints: 15x23 cm/ 8.2x9"
  • Pendrive Box: 15x10 cm/ 5.9x3.9"

You can easily add the Eco Gift Box to your order from within the nShop menu, when selecting your packaging of choice. We will soon be expanding our Eco roster even further, to ensure that more and more of your future packaging options can be eco-friendly!

A few extra facts worthy of note:

  • Eco Gift Boxes are made from Coffee Paper, up to 5% of which consists of residual coffee materials.
  • They are not only beneficial to the environment, but also to your price margins, as their cost-effective nature goes hand in hand with quality & style.
  • Most of the products in our offer now have the option of being packaged in an Eco Gift Box.
  • Eco Gift Boxes are relatively lightweight, weighing in only around 200gr/7oz. - yet they remain dependable and aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their emulated "terrazzo" pattern.
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