Wooden Photo Holder for Fine Art Prints raw oak wood professional photo product

Wooden Photo Holder for Fine Art Prints

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A must-have for clients who opt for Fine Art Prints. The Wooden Photo Holder is an incredibly sturdy, raw oak photo holder that will fit one 15x23cm/6x9" Fine Art Print, in either landscape or portrait format. This is the perfect item to display your photos from any photo session. The must-have upselling tool in your Fine Art Prints package. Clients will be able to switch out the display between their favourite images to enjoy the captured memories endlessly.



Our Wooden Photo Holder for Fine Art Prints is available in the following format:

 34x68x152mm | 3.4x6.8x15.2cm | 1.3x2.6Xx5.9"
34x68x152mm | 3.4x6.8x15.2cm | 1.3x2.6x5.9"

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This raw oak Wooden Photo Holder is sure to fit any interior. Display your most treasured Fine Art Print photographs on any flat surface and enjoy the captured memories for as long as you'd like. This temporary display allows you to swap photos whenever you feel it appropriate. Height: 34mm, 3.4cm, 1.3"; width: 68mm, 6.8cm, 2.6"; length: 152mm, 15.2cm, 5.9".