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classic Framed Prints for professional photographers
Classic Framed Prints for professional photographers New Born Photography

Framed Print

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Finish your prints with a stylish and light eco-friendly frame, and do it all conveniently in one place to save time, money, and hassle.  Available in three colour options: black, white, and oak, the high-quality frames of our Framed Prints provide a subtle sense of warmth, character, and refinement. 

Choose between two paper and print options to display your artwork. Also, there’s an option for your prints to be further accentuated with a white passepartout. Framed Prints: perfect for any genre of photography and any space.


Available formats

Sizes are provided accordingly for full product (product perimeter)/print in both inches and millimeters below. Currently our Framed Prints are available in the following formats:

Framed Print with passepartout
Product: 218x218mm
Print: 120x120mm
8.5x12” - Framed print
Product: 228x318mm
Print: 198x288mm
8.5x12" framed print ppt
Product: 190x288mm
Print: 130x185mm
12x8.5" - framed print
Product: 318x228mm
Print: 288x198"
12x8.5" - framed print ppt
Product: 318x228mm
Print: 185x130mm
12x12" framed print
Product: 318x318mm
Print: 288x288mm
12x12" framed print ppt
Product: 318x318mm
Print: 220x220mm
12x16.5" framed print
Product: 318x438mm
Print: 288x408mm
16.5x12" framed print
Product: 438x318mm
Print: 408x288mm
16.5x12" framed print ppt
Product: 438x318mm
Print: 308x220mm
20x28" framed print
Product: 520x719mm
Print: 488x688mm
20x28" framed print ppt
Product: 520x719mm
Print: 420x588mm
28x20" framed print
Product: 719x520mm
Print: 688x488mm
28x20" framed print ppt
Product: 719x520mm
Print: 588x420mm
12x16.5" framed print ppt
Product: 318x438mm
Print: 220x308mm
Product: 218x218mm
Print: 188x188mm

Versatile, classic and timeless

Framed Print

- Print (Canon Satin or Mohawk Eggshell)

- Passepartout (optional)

- Frame (black, white or oak colour)

Product features


The Framed Print is the cornerstone of all professional photography studios. The perfect choice appropriate all styles and types of professional photography. Our 3 eco-friendly frame choices and 5 size options mean anything is possible for you and your clients.

Get a Framed Print sample deal

Framed Print - Sample deal

About Framed Print

Perhaps no product is more synonymous with photography than the classic framed print. Adding even a small detail such as a frame can dramatically change the presentation of the image on display. Despite the array of new, fancy, premium products, traditional framed prints remain the go-to photo product for most professional photography clients. 

With this in mind, we excitedly offer you our Framed Prints selection. These prints come available in 3 colour options: black, white, and oak, with the ability to select further design detailing by having your image include an additional white passepartout frame.

Select either our Canon Satin (not available in 50x70 cm / 20’’ x 28’’ in), with printing done by our state-of-the-art Canon DreamLabo 5000, or our Mohawk Eggshell, printed with our HP Indigo 12000, as your print paper choice. These framed wall decor prints, whether standard, or as framed passepartout prints, come without any glass or Plexiglas covering inside the frame, and come ready to be hung immediately out of the box. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included.  

Also included is a microfiber cloth to help with cleaning and maintaining your wall decor prints. 

Our Framed Prints make for the perfect addition to your photography studio and photography packages and bundles. Suitable for all genres of photography and great wall decor anywhere in a home, Framed Prints make for an easy sell- especially among family, baby, newborn, pet, and portrait photographers. Get yourself yours today.

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