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Lite Album - The new, easier ordering method

Wednesday, March 2, 2022 - 09:39
lite album covers gilded

A little album with two paper options; Fuji Luster and Mohawk Eggshell. It’s an ideal product for mini-sessions as well as for full-package deals, as it can fit up to 40 spreads! Today’s main topic is about the Lite Album’s covers, which recently received an uplift in personalisation options. In the meantime, we’ve also simplified its ordering process.


Previously vs. Now

There were previously 3 separate collections - Exclusive, Creative 100%, and Gamma. This was a separate section of its own on the nShop. We’ve decided to make this all a bit easier. Now ordering a Lite Album in the nShop removes this unnecessary tree. They are now all condensed into one “cover” decision when designing a Lite Album. You can choose from the following options:

  • A30 Textile

A material, which can be personalised with your own text. Also offers pre-made designs (which allow you to enter names, dates, etc.)

  • Semi-gloss laminate (textured, pearl-like finish)

A slightly rugged paper in its structure, all elements found on the front or back of its binding are printed directly onto the cover. There are a variety of designs available for every occasion.

  • Matte laminate

All the photos, designs and text which you’ve added to the cover will be printed onto it, after which a layer of matte laminate will be added on top. This option also offers several pre-made designs with a text option. The most recent addition to this particular option is our new gilding - it’s definitely worth a look!

Learn more about our gilding personalisation here.

The rest of the Lite Album ordering process remains the same. We hope that this change will make things a little easier!


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