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Out Now: Felix Schoeller Lustre Art Prints

Thursday, April 20, 2023 - 15:37

If you're familiar with and loved our Mohawk Eggshell Fine Art Prints for their exceptional visual effect, durability, and versatility, you'll be pleased to know that we're now offering prints in Felix Schoeller Luster paper. We've also changed the nomenclature from Fine Art Prints to Art Prints.

Our Mohawk Eggshell Prints are one of our classic products at nPhoto. We call them prints with character. Although these are "only" prints, we know they've made a long-lasting, memorable impression on all kinds of photographers and people. What's the secret? It's in the paper!

Until recently, Art Prints were only available on Mohawk Eggshell paper. This characteristic, fibrous, and matte paper (324 gsm) makes our Art Prints bring out the best in your photography. Knowing this, we thought you'd be happy with a slightly lighter version, which you can order now on Felix Schoeller Luster paper (290 gsm).

Meet Felix

Felix Schoeller Luster, which we've just introduced to the Art Prints family, has a paper weight of 290 gsm and a texture that slightly reflects light. Felix also has a coated surface, which you'll love if you want prints without fingerprints and smudges. At the same time, this paper is also durable and resistant to minor damage and scratches. Perhaps you're familiar with this paper type from other products available with us, e.g., our charming Accordion Mini Book or Photo Book Pro, which provides the same paper option.

As with our Mohawk Eggshell Art Prints, you can put your logo on the back and choose to add a white border. We've also kept the original format: 15x23 cm – available in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Finally, decide whether you want to order ready-made prints in this version, complete with a decorative Box for Art Prints, an Eco Gift Box, an Envelope for Art Prints, or a practical Wooden Photo Holder. The envelope is made of Mohawk Eggshell paper that holds 25 prints, while the Box for Art Prints holds up to 50 prints.

What else has changed?

The quality and opportunities, of course! Art Prints on Felix Schoeller Luster paper are created using HP Electrolnk technology with the HP Indigo 12000 machine (a set of seven liquid printing inks are used, where the basic CMYK is supplemented with photographic, "whitened" electro-inks: Light Magenta, Light Cyan, and Light Black). Thanks to this modern technology, you'll receive artistic, elegant prints on high-quality paper. We're glad to announce that from now on, you'll have another great and memorable choice that your customers will love.

What kind of photography do we recommend our Art Prints for?

We recommend our Art Prints for weddings, family, newborn, and even landscape photography. They're an excellent upsell for your clients and business, giving them the option to purchase a more rigid, durable, and versatile print. Ready to order?

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