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Monday, April 5, 2021 - 18:46
begin anew in your photography business!

Hi, photographer! If you’re checking in here, chances are you are either new to nPhoto, or would like a little bit of help in getting a hang of the website, as you may have just registered.

That’s why we created this introductory message - so feel free to skip to any part you’re having trouble with, as each part will go through a specific element of the site or ordering process. Here’s what we’ll cover in this post:

  • How to use the nShop, a few basics.
  • How to place your first order. This will take you through the steps required to get you to a position where you are ready to checkout with whatever you may have in mind, be it a sample or client order of any kind :)
  • How to find and view the materials for your product, or how to check the colour of UV printing / laser etching on your material of choice.
  • The basket/cart. How it works and what might come in your way during the ordering process.
  • Some notable steps after the order is placed - payments, changes and so on.

First and foremost…

This is the customer area. This will be your bread and butter for interacting with the majority of the website, and will lead you to just about anything you may need to make functional use of. (You’ll also notice that there’s a FAQ page under “Help” - chances are if something isn’t covered here you’ll find it on that section!)

Another efficient tool here is of course the price list on the bottom left. It’ll give you a standardised cost, for a set amount of spreads/pages on each product. Pricing may fluctuate depending on what you select when creating a new product!

The nShop

There are two main ways of getting into the nShop - clicking “select product” on that customer area page, or by going into your cart, which you’ll find on the top right after logging in, and clicking “add product.”

Here, each product type is divided into sections. If you’re looking for a specific variant, ie. the acrylic prestige version of an album, you would find it in photo albums, after deciding between a set or a standalone. If you are placing an order for your first sample, it would be wise to also check out the “Selling tools” section near the bottom of the list too, as you’ll be able to find the option of ordering a physical material swatch book there.

When you proceed all the way to the summary of a product you are creating, you will be able to save a template of sorts if you plan on ordering many products with a similar design, to speed up the process.

Going in there in the future will let you repeat all the steps you have taken for that particular product quickly.


Designing & Placing your order

Once you get to the product you would like to use and fill out its customisation options, you’ll be able to add the product to your cart. When it gets there, you’ll be able to start designing its project. You can do this in two ways:

  • The nDesigner

Start from scratch by using your individual photos and aligning them on an online designer, page by page or spread by spread. Customise each page in innumerable ways!

  • The Uploader

If you use a software such as Albumstomp or Fundy you can upload your pre-finished pages or spreads this way. Make sure they are arranged in the right order after uploading and you’re done. Check if the album software you’re using can work with nPhoto’s required image sizes found on the uploader page. If you don’t have a dedicated album designing software but still need to use the uploader, you can download templates in your cart which can be easily transferred onto photoshop.

Once everything you have selected is filled out, the progress bar next to your product should reach 100% - and you’ll be able to place the order. If the designed product is intended as a sample, you will be able to use a corresponding sample promo code on this page before ordering too :)

When the order is placed, it’ll be reviewed by someone on our end, to make sure that nothing is out of place - so if anything major went wrong with your design or customisation process, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you and confirm it or have it sorted, saving you some stress.



If you don’t have the physical swatch book yet, you can use a downloadable PDF we have available which has a close-up preview of each available material, as well as how their front cover text options will look like in terms of colour.

This can be found through Customer Area -> Selling Tools -> E-Book Library. The PDF is unbranded so you can show it to clients freely!


A few words on your cart/basket

You may come across a few safeguards along the way when using the nDesigner and shopping cart. Namely, if a cover text is selected that isn’t a custom design, you will be asked to confirm the text before adding it to your cart.

If it is a custom design, you’ll be able to upload it as a vectored PDF in your cart next to the project.

If you have previously selected a cutout window or acrylic cover and wish to change the option to a different window, you will first need to remove the existing, corresponding project. In other words:

Don’t worry! That will only get rid of the image for the cover, so the “inside” of your product will be unchanged. Once that’s done, you can go back to the nDesigner process here:

Proceed through the previously already selected options until you reach the cutout/acrylic windows again. You should be able to swap to a different cover. If the cover part of your project wasn’t deleted, this option will be greyed out.

Lastly, a few things cannot be ordered alongside one another - namely products in the Wall Decor category with other product types. This is to limit the risk of your order being damaged in shipping, as adding more products into the same packaging that the Wall Decor is in can decrease its stability. If you have products in your cart which cannot be combined, you can “untick” them for the time being to remove them from the current order, and tick them again once the last order is placed. Products with the warning symbol or without 100% completion will not be ordered. More info on shipping here.


After placing your order...

If for any reason your payment failed or hasn’t gone through, you can give it another attempt in the “Unpaid/In Production” section in Customer Area. If the payment fails multiple times, you may have to check if international transactions are enabled for your bank account. If the payment failed but you were not notified of it, you will also receive a payment link via email after a short time.

Generally, changes requested after an order is already placed cannot be guaranteed - however, if the order has been placed during nPhoto’s office hours, there is a chance that emergency changes to the material or design can be made up to an hour after placing the order - make sure to contact customer service if that’s the case!

If you would like to have a copy made of something you have previously designed and ordered, you will also be able to copy a product from your order history back into your cart. You’ll find your order history in Customer Area -> My orders.

If anything is still unclear or if you’re finding yourself stuck on anything not mentioned, remember to check the FAQ page for more info - or feel free to contact our customer service for technical matters, or your account manager for product and sales related questions :)

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