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Friday, May 18, 2018 - 19:07
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That’s right, Canon DreamLabo 5000 Deep Matte spreads are now available in our photo albums! No need to pinch yourself; you’re not dreaming.
Our Deep Matte option is printed using the Canon DreamLabo 5000 printer with state-of-the-art inkjet technology. The result: ultra-high quality printing using 7 dye-based inks at 2,400 DPI.

The Benefits of the Deep Matte
Specifically, according to Canon themselves,  the Deep Matte single-sided media features a smooth and glossless texture meaning accentuated, vivid shades, contrasting colors and the high-quality image of the Dreamlabo 5000. Source:
In the end, it’s simply a photographers dream come true. It’s soft touch and true non-reflective surface provides pure, honest shades. Furthermore, rich colours maintain their integrity but appear in a warmer, softer perspective. This makes the Deep Matte an ideal choice for pastel, soft coloUr, and delicate-themed shoots.
NOTE: This differs from our silk and metallic offerings which are produced using Noritsu HD Silver Halide printing technology and use the following papers:
Fuji Silk, Fuji Pearl 

Another Professional Paper Type to Enhance Your Offer

So now you’ll have the choice among three papers for an album: Silk (standard), Metallic, and Deep Matte.
The Canon DreamLabo 5000 Deep Matte is the perfect addition to your print portfolio and ideal to give off that professional, artistic finish – especially for skin tones, black and whites, and delicate shoots.

Only at nPhoto where your dreams meet Canon’s Deep Matte and Europe’s most exquisite hand-crafted albums.

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