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accordion mini book

Accordion Mini Book

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Simple, fun to use - the photo product that anyone can keep, anywhere. Your clients will get something that can be gifted to others - a product that offers tons of photo space at no expense to quality. Design from 12-18 pages - 6-18 photos in Felix Schoeller 290g/m2 or the fine art Mohawk Eggshell 216g/m2, at 7x7 cm / 2.7x2.7” panels.

These pages are double-sided and can be designed individually or “combined” for the effect of a full spread. Hardcover fronts (7,5x7,5 cm / 3x3”) come in 9 velvet material options.

Your photos will be secured by a magnetic seal inside the hardcover, allowing it to be carried around effortlessly without worrying about the inside being damaged. To top it all off, you can secure the whole accordion book inside of a decorative package, available in 3 colours.

The option to laser etch a design on the cover allows you to further customise your accordion book, and gives you the potential to have a few gifted products spread the word of your photography services further. Select one of 25 available pre-made cover designs and personalise the text.

Works best with newborn, maternity, family and portrait photography. A must-have for your mini sessions.




Fantastically fuzzy materials for the cover of your Accordion Mini Book.

Dove Grey Suede Textile
Iron Grey Suede Textile
Emerald Green Velvet Textile
Dijon Yellow Velvet Textile
Soft Rose Pink Velvet Textile
Deep Sea Blue Velvet Textile
Off White Velvet Textile
Crimson Red Velvet Textile
Licorice Black Velvet Textile


Our Accordion Mini Books are available in the following formats:

70 cm x 70 cm



Ideal gift customisable and suitable for any occasion and photography type.


Let your clients know that Accordion Mini Book works as a perfect gift for their close ones, their grandparents or even as an extra Christmas gift. You can account for all of these occasions using the available custom laser etch on the accordion album cover, or you can further promote your business by using that slot for your name, if at all. There is a variety of personalised, pre-made patterns for use as well.

The project for your accordion mini photo book can be made on our in-built online nDesigner, available right from the ease of your browser once the product is in your cart. Individual pages or two-page spreads can be made. You can design the images one after the other, or have two photo panels combine into one panoramic photo.

A tip: You can intertwine quotes and various extra additions in between your photos via the nDesigner to customise your client’s gifts into something truly unique!

The materials used for the creation of custom mini book packaging originate from fully recycled products and do not pose any environmental harm. The packaging is available from your cart if an accordion book is selected. The packaging is available in the following combinations:

  • Black, with laser etching available.
  • White, with UV printing available.
  • Terrazzo lid with the white lower half, UV printing available.

Accordion brag books can also use their cover’s magnetic seal to stack one on top of another with ease, making them very attractive bulk buys for larger events. Sealing this deal is a bulk discount that activates in increments of 3, 5 units when ordering identical copies.

Their fully extended view proves to be an effective element of decor in anyone’s home. Get your hands on this tiny photo book and your packages will always have a perfect add-on to offer.