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Frame your clients. No, really!

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 - 11:50
black friday offer 2021 from nPhoto

Well, not literally.

We will be covering one of our staple wall decors, the Framed Print. If you’re going to frame them, do it with style. In addition, to help you promote this option to your clients, we’ll be giving you a chance to order TWO 30x42cm/12x16.5” sample Framed Prints at 80% off with our Black Friday code: BF80 apply it to Framed Print orders from November 24th to November 29th, 2021. More details below!



Framed Print - what’s it about?

Let’s go through a quick overview of the options to get you in the know first.

Its size options range from 8x8” / 20x20cm to 28x20” / 70x50cm -  no wall space is left uncatered. This of course entails the total size of the product, i.e. the print and frame put together.

The paper? You have a choice between the Mohawk Eggshell and Canon Satin, the latter being a part of the selection from our high-end Dreamlabo 5000 printer. Mohawk Eggshell is already known and beloved for its fine-art style, while the Satin offers excellent colour reproduction from digital files and a very slight paper gloss.

The frame itself is very light, and offers three colours that can accentuate your work in different ways - white, black and oak. As an optional finish, you can turn your Framed Print into a large, hangable matted print by selecting the passepartout option, which some will find appealing.

What these specifications mean, is that:

  • Framed Prints, and Wall Decors in general, are an excellent choice to offer if you have a lot of sessions planned - as they require minimal design work after retouching is done.
  • The Framed Print is a very versatile pick and can suit many tastes.
  • Framed Prints are making a return in recent times, so you’ll be able to adapt to growing trends.

But what is it really about?

A Framed Print isn’t just about hanging some pictures up on a wall. Framed Prints are, well, framed in such a way to make the print more suitable for a certain environment, whether a doctor’s waiting room needs a white frame to meld into the wall more naturally, a modern office building needs a black frame to make sure that its professionalism is upheld in every decor decision, or perhaps, a cozy sitting room just needs something that goes well with the rest of its wooden furniture - oak can make that happen.

Where does this lead us? While an Acrylic Print will always have an acrylic shine on its surface, the Framed Print doesn’t always need to have the same frame - and as such, the photo doesn’t always have to match its surroundings in colour for that ultimate feng shui experience. The Framed Print gives you artistic freedom.

You can get a taste of that very freedom using our Black Friday offer. Use code BF80 and get two 30x42cm/12x16.5” Sample Framed Prints at 80% off. Samples will use Mohawk paper. While the sizing will be fixed, you will have full access to change the frame colour and finish.

Signing up gives you access to our newest set of Framed Print mockups - which’ll allow you to start offering them online without any hassle, whether by themselves or in the form of a gallery.

Free Framed Print Mockups

Take advantage of these free mockups and boost sales!

T&C: Offer includes code for two 30x42cm sample Framed Prints in Mohawk Eggshell paper at 80% off. Use code between November 24th and November 29th, 2021. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions. Each product will be discreetly labeled as a sample. See how we label samples here. 
Please note that due to high volume of orders, turnaround time might be extended.


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