Refresh Your Offer With Our Festival of Samples

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 - 15:55

2022 was a rough year for many photographers, 2023 looks uncertain, but we're here to help make this a year of accomplishments.

This year, photographers need to do more than just talk about photo products because showing pictures of your print products is no longer enough for clients. Photographers need high-quality product samples they can show their clients in person. This is the first step towards a more successful year.

Is it time for some spring cleaning? Do you want to give your sample collection a fresh look? "Plant" three sample products in your studio and let them pay off. You can now get all three samples with an 80% discount. In addition, you can use our new mockups and other gifts to "fertilize" your business.

As professionals in the photo industry, we know you, as photographers, want stability, consistent client orders, and to avoid bigger budget cuts for themselves this year. We're here to help.


Sample products in the studio might catch the eye of your clients, but what’s even better is when they steal the show. Now you can order up to three of these sample products with an 80% discount.

Choose from the following print products:

  • Complete Set with Photo Album or Photo Book
  • Photo Album
  • Photo Book Pro
  • Pendrive Box
  • Box For Prints
  • Folio Boxes
  • Framed Prints
  • Alu-Dibond Prints
  • Acrylic Prints
  • Accordion Mini Book
  • Triplex

You can order up to three products of the same type and still receive the 80% discount.

Plus, if you fill out the form below, you get much more than a discount.

Fill the form to get the Festival of Samples offer & FREE downloads


We’ve also designed new mockups and social media templates for the products available as part of our Festival of Samples campaign.

Mockups allow your customers to see how their pictures look on a wall at home, in a photo album, and in other products. For example, imagine you work in a travel agency. You can show customers photos of attractive beaches and palm trees so they can imagine themselves enjoying the same views. In fact, mockups are so compelling that photographers worldwide recommend mockups for boosting sales.

and you get free mockups as part of our Festival of Samples.

Creating new offers for the new season takes a lot of time. Time is money, and we give you our time, free of charge, in the form of social media templates that you can quickly use in your online marketing.

At nPhoto we've also done some spring cleaning to our digital selling tools, which means that we've updated the following:

- a PDF product catalog
- a PDF sample book

In summary: What do you get as a gift for a successful start into the new season?

Three sample products with an 80% discount - For example, for three albums, you pay as much as you would typically pay for 60% value of a single album.

And our gifts to you:

  1. New Mockups
  2. Social Media Templates
  3. New Product Catalogue and Swatch Book

Lastly, another great and free resource to take advantage of is our team of account managers, who are waiting to answer your questions. If you have doubts about what sample products to choose and what products and options are best, then you can always contact your account manager, who is ready to help and guide you through our offer and product options best for your business. So make sure to order your samples before April 18th.

Refresh your sample products now by clicking the button below.

T&Cs: This offer entitles you to order up to 3 studio samples at 80% off. Choose from: Photo Album, Photo Book Pro, Complete Set with Photo Album or Photo Book Pro, Folio Box, Triplex, Box for Prints, Pendrive Box, Accordion Mini Book, or any product from the Wall Decor category. Samples can be ordered in one or separate orders. Prices will be discounted automatically once you add products from the offer to the cart, upload your photos, and enter the promo code in the appropriate section before checkout. The promo code won't work for identical products, although you're entitled to order up to 3 products from the same product category (with different projects or product options). Each product will be discreetly labeled as a sample. Sample USBs do not contain a memory chip. The offer is valid through April 18th, 2023. For clients based in the US and outside Europe, the discount code will apply only with FedEx chosen as a shipping method. The offer cannot be combined with other promotions on the same product.


Ordering sample products is much easier than you think - see for yourself!

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