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Wednesday, February 15, 2023 - 15:55

As you know, presenting print products without some strategy is not enough. We're here to help you optimize how you showcase your product offer using sample products. For nPhoto customers, we have everything you need to lead your photo business to success.

Is it time for a New Year's or spring cleaning for your business? Are you a photographer looking to give your sample collection a fresh look? Then "plant" some new sample products in your studio. Let them thrive and bear fruit.

Sample products that you can show to your customers in your studio are like hi-tech fishing hooks or, even better: power generators for your business.

For example, you can also "fertilize" your business with product mockups. As a customer, you can get these for free in the customer area. It's worth registering as a professional photographer with nPhoto. Why? Find out HERE.

What do you reap from the harvest? Stability. Product and photo session orders. No need to go on a cost-cutting spree. That's what you want for your photo business, too, right?

How else we help you

Earlier, we mentioned mockups: With product mockups, you can show your customers what their pictures would look like as wall art, in a photo album, and so on. So imagine you work in a travel agency and show your customers pictures of beaches and palm trees with themselves in them ;-) Photographers from all international markets emphasize that mockups effectively motivate their customers to make a purchase.

And you can get this sales tool for free in the nPhoto customer area. As PSD files, they're also straightforward to edit. Check it out HERE.

Time commitment

A new offer for a new season always takes up much of your valuable time. And time is money. That's why we give you some of our time for free in the form of social media templates that you can use quickly and easily in your online communication. Check out current nPhoto promotions to download them for free, such as HERE.

At nPhoto, we've also given our digital marketing and selling a spring cleaning. In practice, this means that we have freshly updated these PDF files for you to download in the customer area:

  • Product catalog PDF
  • Swatch Book PDF

So, how exactly do we help you write a success story together? Well, as an nPhoto customer, you regularly receive (depending on the promotion):

  • Product mockups
  • Social media templates (PSD files)
  • Product catalog and fabric sample book (PDF)
  • Free handbooks with professional tips

Or, take a look at what we have ready for you in the customer area. Don't know the 7 good reasons to open a customer account with nPhoto yet? Then find out more HERE:

Are you ordering a sample product for the first time? It's easy! We'll show you how to do it in just five steps.

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