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Traditional Self-Mount Photo Albums

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A cost-effective, time-honoured way to present your printed photographs. Our Traditional Self-Mount Album is for those old-school photographers and clients who appreciate the original form of photography.

Our Traditional Self-Mount Photo Albums are available in many exquisite cover collections. Combine a classic product with a modern design and offer your clients the beloved, hands-on way of preserving their memories. 

A versatile traditional case-bound album includes 20, 30 or 50 double-sided flexible pages (40, 60, 100 pages in total) which can hold up to 200 photos. Each page is separated by a soft leaf of tissue paper so your photos don’t stick to each other. The double-sided pages allow you to include your prints on either side of the page, so you can fit more memories in the album.

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Acrylic Prestige - Traditional self mount Album
Acrylic Prestige
Exclusive Collection - Traditional Album
Black Star Collection - Traditional Album
Black Star
Creative 100% - Traditional Album
Creative 100%
White Lady - Traditional Album
White Lady


Currently, our Traditional Self-Mount Albums are available in two different formats.

33x33 cm / 13x13''
33 x 33 cm / 13 x 13''
30x30 cm
30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12"
Above are page sizes for traditional albums. Traditional Photo Albums begin with the right page and end with the left page.
right page (wxh) left page (wxh)
33x33cm 13x13" (32.8x33cm) 12.6"x13" (31.9cmx33cm)
30x30cm 11.4x11.7" (29cmx29.7cm) 11x11.7" (28cmx29.7cm)

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Further preserve and protect your client’s precious product and your own artwork with an equally stunning box. Our album boxes range in size, colour, and even material to be sure to fit your style and desires. 

About Traditional Self-Mount Photo Albums

As nPhoto is one of the largest photo album makers, our offer wouldn’t be complete without Traditional Self-Mount Photo Albums. If your customers are fans of self-adhesive Albums and you want to deliver them professional quality photo products - we’ve got you covered. Unlike those traditional photo albums available in retails stores, our albums are created to exclusively supply professional photography studios and are handcrafted by skilled artisans in our headquarters in Europe. 

Traditional Self-Mount Photo Albums are available in different hardcover collections. Pick the standard black inside pages, or go with the softer écru. Personalise your album the way you want it. 

Fill out the pages with our Prints or DreamPrints and secure them easily with Photo Splits or a Tape Runner, available in our Accessories section.