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Alu-dibond Metal Prints - What to consider before ordering

Friday, May 8, 2020 - 12:35
Alu-dibond Metal Prints - What to consider before ordering

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Our Wall Decor products have quickly become best-sellers. Not so long ago, this product category was limited to Canvases and Foam Mounted Prints but now, we're proud to say that we have expanded our offer to the following products: 

These new products will look amazing in any interior! But why offer your clients Wall Decor products? Because your clients love decorating their walls and why not have them do it with your images?

Now is the perfect time to expand your offer with our new Wall Decor products. Whether you specialise in portrait, maternity, family, wedding, or pet photography, you can be sure these Wall Decor products will fit your photos!

Preview the new additions below.

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Alu-dibond Metal Prints 

Let's take a closer look at the different options of products printed on an aluminum type sheet. There are three variations of this product available: Alu-dibond Metal Prints, Framed Alu-dibond Metal Prints, and Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Prints. Alright, but what exactly is Alu-dibond, and how are images printed onto it? Read on to find out.

Alu-dibond is an extremely light yet very durable and resistant material. Thanks to this, it is ideal to use for interior design and as an advertising tool. The Alu-dibond surface has a brushed texture so that the photo printed on it will showcase characteristic, horizontally arranged brushmarks.

Are Alu-dibond Metal Prints your cup of tea? They are ideal for every type of photography, but we feel you're wondering if they'll fit your style? Have a look at the finished Alu-dibond Prints below and order your sample Wall Decor product today.


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How do we apply the photo onto the product? 

Photographs are printed onto the brushed Alu-dibond aluminum sheet and fixed with UV printing technology. This high-quality, print (fixed with UV lamps) is durable, resistant to fading, and other adverse effects e.g. sunlight. Therefore, UV printing guarantees that your photo will look exceptional at the customer's home or in your studio for years to come. Just take care of your product as it is suggested in the Wall Decor Product Care Instructions included with your order. 


Why do you need a Alu-dibond Print in your offer?

Alu-dibond Metal Prints are a product that will certainly catch everyone's eye and are sure to last for generations. The applied printing technology and the type of substrate provide an attractive effect of colour saturation. The product's metallic sheen is sure to make your artwork stand out.  Alu-dibond Metal Prints, Framed Alu-dibond Metal Prints, and Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Prints are suitable for any genre of photography. Due to their weather-resistant properties, these prints can be displayed almost anywhere in a home (see Wall Decor Product Care Instructions for details).

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What looks best on Metal Prints?

Darker, more contrasting images, as well as those created in saturated, multi-colored colours, can be beautifully presented on Metal Prints. Alu-dibond products have an attractive metallic-like sheen to them which is a characteristic to consider when selecting wall art pieces. If your clients are asking for a simple, matte print you might want to check out the other Wall Decor products in our offer like the Framed Print available in Mohawk Eggshell paper which guarantees a stunning matte finish that won't reflect any light.

The metallic silver effect is most visible on the lightest elements of the image while it will be less visible on darker colours. Alu-dibond prints, no matter the colours, are evenly 'brushed' This unique effect will stand out most on the darker elements of the photo. The metallic sheen is additionally visible when viewing your product at different angles.

Keep the above in mind when ordering your Alu-dibond Metal PrintFramed Alu-dibond Metal Print, or Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Print. Don't take these tips as precautions, but remember them to enhance your work and wow your clients! 

Metal Prints are perfect for images:

  • which are very detailed and include many small elements such as tree branches and leaves, flower petals, geometric patterns, lace, decals, etc. 

  • which contain many and intense colours that will stand out even more due to the UV Printing technology and the brushed Alu-dibond plate

  • which contain contrasting colours, images consisting of both dark and light elements, the brushed material brings out their contrast

Alu-dibond products bring out warm tones, so any shades of yellow, brown, or gold will look sensational on Alu-dibond products. Take a look at the comparison of the same image printed on Arctic Matte Paper (1), Mohawk Eggshell (2), and Alu-dibond sheet (3).

What to particularly pay attention to when ordering your first Alu-dibond product?

When ordering your first Alu-dibond Print pay attention to your image. Does it have large, monotone areas which are predominantly white, like:

* sky/clouds

* transparent bodies of water (lake, sea, swimming pool)

* fair skin (subjects face on a portrait)

* clothes (dresses, shirts)

* sun flare, smoke, fog

* winter landscape etc.

Remember that the white areas on your Alu-dibond Print will not be UV Printed because they are read by the printer as having no pigment, therefore, it will not be printed white but left bare exposing the Alu-dibond's silver brushed sheet. 

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Is this what you're looking for? See the comparisons below and decide for yourself.


Pro Tip (with a grain of salt):

If you're looking to print a white puppy, on white covers in a white bed, all in a white bedroom, with the sun shining beautifully on all of that.. you might want to rethink selecting an Alu-dibond. For images like these, we recommend prints on Mohawk Eggshell paper like the Framed Print.


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