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Stacked Acrylic Print nphoto wall art for professional photographers
Stacked Acrylic Print nphoto wall art for professional photographers 2

Stacked Acrylic Print

Opis produktu

Our popular Acrylic Print stacked onto an over-sized MDF board or MDF board with a white passepartout finish. 

Our Stacked Acrylic Print will help take your business, or professional studio, to the next level. 

Further accentuate a best-selling product by mounting, or stacking, our Acrylic Print onto an over-sized 6mm, black MDF backboard (optionally finished with white passepartout), creating an impressive framed-like visual display.

This product matches perfectly with any genre of photography and makes for a great wall decor in any space of a home. 


Available formats

Sizes are provided accordingly for full product (product perimeter)/print in both inches and millimeters below. Currently our Stacked Acrylic Prints are available in the following formats:

200x200mm / 120x120mm
210x300mm / 130x186mm
300x210mm / 186x130mm
300x300mm / 220x220mm
12x16.5” - dystans
300x420mm / 220x308mm
420x300mm / 308x220mm
 20x28” - dystans
500x700mm / 420x588mm
700x500mm / 588x420mm

Add another dimension to your art

Stacked Acrylic Print

1. 6 mm acrylic plate

2. A smooth, matte-finish, professional-grade paper

3. White cardboard (optional)

4. MDF wood backboard

Product features


This elevated acrylic product will be sure to enhance the excitement of your product offer.  A classic black, or sophisticated white backboard finish, five available size options, and three format choices gives this product an incredible range and makes it a perfect for any genre of photography. Experience more with this product’s video.

Grab a Stacked Acrylic Print sample deal

Stacked acrylic print - sample offer

About Stacked Acrylic Print

Our Stacked Acrylic Print is a great way to add another dimension to your photography packages. Are you a professional photographer who currently only offers albums, but are looking to diversify your product selection? Wall decor is the perfect place to go and our Stacked Acrylic Print is the ideal choice to start with.

Thanks to the product’s unique ‘floating print’ design and stunning acrylic face, our Stack Acrylic Print will not go unnoticed and will quickly become a client favorite. It’s striking composition and durable nature allows for this product to be suitable for any genre of photography, particularly family portraiture, and displayed anywhere in a home, or home setting.

Also referred to as a layered acrylic print, or raised acrylic print, our product consists of an image printed using inkjet technology and high-quality, durable pigment inks applied to a smooth, matte finish, professional-grade photo paper. This image is then covered with an exquisite 6mm acrylic plate that is refined to perfection with our high-end diamond end mill. The product is then stacked onto either 6mm MDF board, or MDF board finished with passeportout.

This product comes ready to display as wall decor right out of the box and includes a microfiber cloth for care and maintenance. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included.

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