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Let the Holiday Spirit shine on your Lite Album cover

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 15:05
lite album gilding - for holidays

A few words on the Lite Album

A 20x20cm/8x8” Lite Album is a perfect compact, ergonomic choice for mini sessions (family, children, Christmas, etc). It can even work for certain wedding sessions as a gift to the parents or other close ones.

Your Lite Album photos can be printed on either the Mohawk Eggshell or Fuji Lustre paper & the cover can be finished either with the A30 textile, or with a paper cover (matte or pearl laminate.) The album itself will be lay-flat and can contain up to 40 spreads, just like our other mainstay collections.

Opening the front cover of your Lite Album will take you directly to the spreads. Designing them won’t be an issue, thanks to our intuitive nDesigner software, all accessible right from the convenience of your browser. Within it you’ll find pre-designed templates, clip-arts, frames, backgrounds and page designs.

Gilding on the cover

That’s right, the cover features gilded designs! Available upon selecting the matte paper cover finish, gilding can accentuate several existing designs by having it directly applied onto the paper, allowing the end result to attract both more light and attention.

The shine created by gilding uniquely contrasts its matte cover, which has also become a growing personalisation trend. This kind of design perfectly suits albums intended for weddings, baptisms & more.

Festive designs!

It can’t be understated just how effective these gilded designs can be, especially for the holiday season. The personalisation option brings thoughts of lights on a Christmas tree to mind, or of a crackling fire from under a red brick chimney. The holiday season is as great of an opportunity as can be for delighting clients with the beauty of a personalised, glimmering album cover.

Which brings us to the main news at hand: we’ve prepared a new set of gilded designs to help you shine a light on your work & elevate it with some Christmas magic. Gilded stars, snowmen, flakes or angels - small enough additions that are capable of giving a holiday theme to an otherwise ordinary cover. Check out the examples below and remember that any of them can be selected on your own Lite Album design!

Must-try gift options

While we’re on Lite Albums and holidays, let’s not forget about our other photo album options! There's much more to see and personalise in our nShop. Get more info about our high-quality Photo Albums and paper options in the link below.

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