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Cutting no corners: A look at nPhoto’s paper options

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - 15:39
Photo Album open page - paper preview

A true craftsman has the ability to visualise the end result of their work from the very moment when they start working on an order. As a photographer, you too have what it takes to be a true craftsman - but first thing’s first: a craftsman must also learn their tools.

Knowing what to expect from the options you have access to when designing print products is just as important as professionally editing the photos inside them. After all, what use would it be to create a perfect balance of tones and contrasts if the intended effect is going to be diminished by the paper’s characteristics?

From the opposite perspective, a paper selected with a specific outcome in mind could add to your photos and make them appear even more beautiful under the right conditions. With that in mind, we’d like to give you an overview as to what each paper does, so that every order you create can bear the mark of a true master craftsman!

In this post, we’ll quickly go over every paper in our offer and provide some examples. A more informative guide can be downloaded that even contains pointers on the best uses for each paper option, which can be found here.

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Fuji Silk
Half-matte paper with a thick texture akin to that of a honeycomb. Offers great levels of overall detail and is resistant to fingerprints & scratches.

Fuji Pearl (Metallic)
A very smooth & shiny paper with sharp, vibrant colours. Can be used alongside the Fuji Silk in Photo Albums.

Fuji Gloss
A smooth & shiny paper with lots of colour depth and sharp characteristics.

Fuji Lustre
A slightly shiny paper with neutral colours and a very fine grain texture, making it resistant to fingerprints & scratches.

Canon Deep Matte
A soft matte paper featuring rich colours and detailed shadows.

Canon Satin
A light-absorbing paper with realistic colours and a smooth grain texture.

Canon Gloss
A highly reflective paper with a smooth surface and high contrast, giving sharpness to finer details.

Canon Luster
A light-absorbing half-matte with great colour detail and a very slight grain texture, adding to its resistance to fingerprints & scratches.

Mohawk Eggshell
An uncoated matte paper with natural colour characteristics, giving a slight ivory tone to whites and greys. Multiple thickness options are available depending on the product.

Arctic Matte
A wood-free, eco-friendly paper with great levels of contrast.

Felix Schoeller Luster
A middle ground between matte and glossy papers, with slight reflectivity and a pearly texture that is resistant to fingerprints & scratches.

Digi Pure White
A paper with good contrast, balanced colours, accurate whites and good resistance to fingerprints and scratches.

Interested in learning more? Our guide to paper options will even let you know what kinds of photography works best with certain papers. Download the PDF to find out!

Download Paper Guide

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